Indoor Cycling Profile: Mary-Go-Round

Going in circles doesn’t have to be boring. See for yourself with this indoor cycling profile.

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Climbing it: King of the Mountains (Cycling Class Profile)


Climbing is my most favorite part of an indoor cycling or Spinning class. It is such a great drill to make those legs stronger and use the power you already have in them to push yourself a little further!Continue Reading

Ladders Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

Hey my dear cyclists (both out- and indoor)! Here’s your weekly playlist (for those who do their own thing outside/inside) and class profile (if you’re an indoor cycling instructor looking for ideas for your next indoor cycling class).

ladders cycling class profile

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Indoor Cycling Class: Run, Baby, Run

Running (also referred to as a Standing Flat) is a drill that doesn’t get the attention it deserves in my opinion. Not only it is challenging to perform, but also offers a great opportunity to improve pedaling technique while standing, develop endurance and work on smooth transitions in and out of the saddle. I decided to focus a whole ride on this great drill. See how it turned out!

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Cycling Class Profile and Playlist: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Hey-hey, guys! The weekly indoor cycling class profile and playlist post is here for you 🙂

This time I kind of “slacked” on creating a brand new cycling class profile and playlist from scratch. Well, not entirely. 🙂 I did something fun and meaningful for me as an instructor.

What I did for this class was this: I took the playlist and routine for my Ride #2, yes, that’s right – it was the very second class I ever taught! I then went through the routine and changed it up to improve it based on what I learned in the past years since I first taught this class.

It was a great experience – I think I’ll be doing this every few months. It’s wonderful to see the progress I’ve made since then.

Anyway, I kept the playlist the same and “re-mastered” the class profile.

As you probably noticed from the class name, it involves a lot of climbing. But hey, ain’t no mountain high enough for my super riders!

cycling class profile

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Class Profile with Playlist #14: Loops in the Hills

{NEW} Cycling Class Profile with Playlist – Loops in the Hills will challenge your students and help develop strength and endurance. This playlist will sure keep it fun for them, too!

class profile with playlist

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Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist: Ladders

This “Ladder” has 4 steps – each one steeper than the others. Ready to climb?

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Pyramid Cycling Class Profile: 2+1=8

This is a fast paced pyramid cycling class profile that will require a lot of concentration both from your riders and you as an instructor. There is a lot of cueing and a lot to take in. It’s the Race Day!

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Three Races: Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

With so many indoor cycling class formats these days being far-far away from riding a bicycle in real world on a real road, this class will bring you and your students back in check with the road. Nothing fancy, just three races to ride.

three races

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Playlist and Cycling Class Profile: Now and Then

This cycling class profile has a playlist featuring good old tunes right alongside the latest hits topping the charts. With a challenging routine this is a perfect class for any audience.

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Spinning Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills

Hey guys!

It’s time to share a Spinning class /Indoor Cycling class profile with you again.

Spinning Class / Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills

Class Duration: 50 minutes

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Loops and Ladders: Indoor Cycling Class Profile

loops and ladders

Happy cycling Wednesday, guys!

I got Loops and Ladders for you today. 🙂

I love both loops and ladders in my classes as two separate elements, but this time I combined the two – 3 Loops of Ladders is what this ride really is.Continue Reading

Creating Indoor Cycling Class Profile in 5 Steps

So it’s that time again.

You’re a new (or not so new) indoor cycling or Spinning® instructor, your next class is coming up and you need to put together a profile for it. Use these 5 steps to guide you through creating Indoor Cycling Class Profile of any format you can possibly need.

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Schwinn Cycling Class Profile: Shift to a Higher Gear

In everyone’s life there once comes a time to “shift to a higher gear”. So did it in Corrine’s. Keep reading for Corrine’s inspirational story and her cycling class profile (in Schwinn class format) and playlist she shared with Lean Lena’s readers today.

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Chrispins: It’s All About the Climb

Hey guys! As you know, I am finally and officially on vacation right now visiting my family over in Russia.

So I asked Chris if she could fill in for me and share one of her wonderful class profiles and playlists with you today. She kindly agreed. So here, I give you Chris aka Chrispins. Take it away, Chris!

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