Climb Your Three Mountains: Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

Challenging class profile for your next Indoor Cycling or Spinning® class that will have your students climb three mountains, pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones and practicing self-discipline.


Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted an Indoor Cycling / Spinning® class profile here on the blog.

The truth is, I’ve been exploring other people’s profiles and trying them out. Fun! Now I know how you feel “decoding” mine 🙂

Anyway! Here’s one of the latest class profiles I put together.

Climb Your Three Mountains: Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

Class Duration: 45 minutes

iTunes Playlist:

and…Spotify playlist (follow me there):

Here’s the class PDF from the Class Builder App I used to build this profile:

Ride 42 – Three Mountains

Before you dive into the class description and notes below, open my Class Builder App Glossary in case you need to decode my terminology.

Class Description

This class consists of 3 “loops” (or “mountains”). The target cadence range on each loop is 60-75 RPM but encourage your students to work with more resistance on each loop than they did on the previous one.

1: “Happy (From “Despicable Me 2″)”, Pharrell Williams – Warm up. Start off by choosing the “base cadence” with easy light resistance. Accelerate by 5 RPM from that base cadence, then add resistance and come up for a standing “run”. Return to the saddle and get those 5 RPM back to your cadence. Repeat one more time.
2: “FourFiveSeconds”, Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney – Mountain 1: start by adding moderate resistance for a seated climb at 60-75 RPM for 1:30. At 2:00 mark add some more resistance and transition to a standing climb.
3: “I Put a Spell On You”, Annie Lennox – Standing Climb. Continue your standing climb gradually adding resistance to bring your cadence down to 60-65 RPM.
4: “Uma Thurman”, Fall Out Boy – Active Recovery. Dial resistance back to the flat road level. Keep it the same and start building cadence from 80 to 95 RMP increasing it in 5RPM increments.
5: “Drops of Jupiter”, Train – Mountain 2: start your second climb seated gradually increasing resistance throughout this segment to bring you to 60-75 RPM cadence.
6: “Ka-Ching! (Red)”, Shania Twain – Standing Climb: transition to standing in the beginning of this segment. Choose your rhythm for this climb within the range of 60-75 RPM. Pick up the pace by a couple RPM’s 3 times throughout this segment for 25-35 seconds.
7: “Paralyzer”, Finger Eleven – Seated/Standing Climb: start seated, then alternate between seated and standing climb throughout this segment with the goal of keeping the same pace while seated and standing.

8: “Lonely Boy”, The Black Keys – Active Recovery. Recover for 1 minute on flat road, then gradually start adding resistance back for your final mountain. At the end of this segment you should be on a very easy climb/borderline flat being able to maintain the cadence of 80-85 RPM.
9: “Peter Gunn Theme”, The Blues Brothers – Mountain 3: start seated climb by adding some resistance to bring your cadence down to 80 RPM. Increase resistance 2 more times throughout this segment to return to the working cadence of 60-75 RPM range for the final climb.
10: “Try”, Pink – Standing Climb: keep the resistance you added in the previous segment and transition to standing climb. Increase resistance 2 more times in this section
11: “4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)”, Madonna – Jumps. Final effort to get to the top of the third mountain. Keep the resistance from the previous sections and perform jumps on the hill at 60-70 RPM.
12: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell  – Cool down. And you’re done! Return to flat road and start cooling down.
13: “Gone Fishin’ (Single Version)”, Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby – Stretching off the bike. Dismount and stretch off the bike.

And that’s that, my dear cyclists!

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Ride on and stay warm.


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