Cycling Class Profile and Playlist: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Hey-hey, guys! The weekly indoor cycling class profile and playlist post is here for you ūüôā

This time I kind of “slacked” on creating a brand new cycling class profile and playlist from scratch. Well, not entirely. ūüôā I did something fun and meaningful for me as an instructor.

What I did for this¬†class¬†was this: I took the¬†playlist and routine for my Ride #2, yes, that’s right – it was the very second class I ever taught! I then went through the routine and changed it up to improve it based on what I learned in the past years since I first taught this class.

It was a great experience – I think I’ll be doing this every few months. It’s wonderful to see the progress I’ve made¬†since then.

Anyway, I kept the playlist the same and¬†“re-mastered” the class profile.

As you probably noticed from the class name, it involves a lot of climbing. But hey, ain’t no mountain high enough for my super riders!

cycling class profile

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough¬†
Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist


Class Duration – 50:35

1: “B6 Shuffle”, The Deadlies¬†– 2:28 Warm up of your choice. I allowed for just one song to warm up so I incorporated some moderate accelerations and standing flats into it to make sure my riders are warmed up enough. Also, most of my students are on the bike 10-15 minutes before I start the class. Feel free to add another warm up section here if that is not the case in your class.
2: “After Dark (From Dusk Till Dawn)”, Movie Sounds Unlimited – 3:46 – Seated/Standing Climb – Add the base of the hill in the beginning of the song, add additional resistance at 1:00, 1:35¬†and 2:37. Switch to standing climb at 3:14 until the end of the song.
3: “From Paris to Berlin”, Infernal – 3:31 – Active Recovery – Take the resistance off in¬†4 sections – at the beginning of the song, then more at 1:00 and 2:00 and 2:55 (last one should take you to flat road).¬†As resistance decreases, increase cadence with each decrease of resistance to maintain the same level of effort.
4: “History Repeating”, Shirley Bassey & Propellerheads -4:03 – Seated Climb – Add the base of the hill in the beginning of the song, add additional resistance at 1:00, 2:00¬†and 3:00. Spend this climb in the saddle working on concentration and mental focus as resistance goes up.
¬†5: “Ka-Ching! (Red)”, Shania Twain – 3:20 – Seated Climb – Continue climbing adding resistance 2 more times at 0:39 and 1:27.
6: “Miserlou (Main Title Theme from “Pulp Fiction” – Rock Guitar Version)”, Msmd – 2:21 – Recovery – take off some resistance in the beginning (leave enough to simulate a flat road), accelerate by 5-10 RPM at 0:48, and again at 1:31. Focus on maintaining smooth pedal stroke as resistance decreases.
7: “Long Black Road”, Electric Light Orchestra (American Hustle) – 3:19 – Seated Climb – Add the base of the hill in the beginning of the song, add additional resistance at 1:11, 1:45 and 2:32. Stay seated for the duration of this climb.
8: “Objection (Tango)”, Shakira – 3:42 – Active Recovery – take the resistance off in the beginning of the song, find the base cadence you can maintain for 3 minutes. Accelerate by 5RPM at 1:43 for 1:23, return to base cadence till the end of the song at 2:06.
9: “Peter Gunn Theme”, The Blues Brothers – 3:50 – Seated Climb – Add the base of the hill in the beginning of the song, add additional resistance at 1:00 and 2:29. This¬†climb continues into the next song, advise your riders to pace themselves as this hill is going to get even steeper!
10: “Stompa”, Serena Ryder – 3:41 – Seated/Standing Climb – add resistance at 0:04 to get to a heavy climb, out of the saddle (hand position 3) at 1:08, back down at 1:20, up at 1:42, back down at 2:07, add resistance and switch to HP3 out of the saddle at 2:46, return to¬†seated climb at 3:12 for the rest of the song.
11: “Sound of the Underground”, Girls Aloud –¬†3:41 – Recovery – take off the resistance to the flat road level, pick up speed at 0:57 for¬†24 seconds, pick up speed at 2:12 for 1:30.
12: “Try”, Pink¬†– 4:07 – Final Seated/Standing Climb – Add the base of the hill in the beginning of the song, add additional resistance at 0:49, 1:52¬†and 2:49. After the last resistance increase – switch to standing climb (hand position 3) and pick up the speed.
13: “Pig Farm (Bonus Track)”, The Deadlies – 3:51 – Race to the finish line – take off the resistance back to a flat road, accelerate at 0:19 and 1:02 for 30 seconds. After the last acceleration, maintain the speed till the end of this song racing to the finish line of this ride.
14: “Skyfall”, Adele – 4:46 – Recovery and Stretching off the bike.

My students loved this new enhanced version of the ride! I hope you do, too.

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