Foods and Moves – Last Week’s Recap

Hello friends! Happy hump day! I hope you’re having a great week so far! And while you are, I thought I’d share my last week’s exercise recap with you with some food highlights here and there to (maybe, just maybe) inspire you 🙂

Here we go!

{MONDAY} Indoor Cycling Class with Jim

It was a difficult one…The routine was not any more difficult than usual, it’s just that I felt like every peddle stroke was my last. I had to push myself from one to the next. I did not feel good in the process. I had to dig through it. But I did it 🙂

11.3 miles of pain

11.3 miles of pain

It’s not always fun and games. I do realize that working out means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits if you want to see the results. God did I do that in this Monday’s class!

{TUESDAY} Rest Day and Food

Tuesday was a rest day, so I took it easy with food, too. Had oatmeal with some of my favorite toppings for breakfast:


Dinner was light and delicious – teriyaki salmon and rice.


{WEDNESDAY} Weights and Yoga

Wednesday night is always yoga night. But this time I decided to amp it up a little and go walk on a dreadmill and lift some weights. So I hit the gym pretty much right after work to do all that fun stuff!


I walked on the treadmill for about ten minutes, did 2 sets of lat pull downs, 2 sets of each hip abduction and adduction, some fly’s, free weights and planks and polished it all off with a set on the Glute Press machine! Before I knew it, it was time to go and relax doing yoga!

Breakfast and dinner on Wednesday were not recorded in the books of Lean Lena’s history, but lunch was! I totally slacked the meal prep last Sunday. Mostly because we had a lot of leftovers in the fridge (= no kids for most of the week). So I have been eating the leftovers for lunch pretty much all week.

Leftovers: home made Spanish rice, Harvest grain blend, spaghetti squash and chicken salad

Leftovers: home made Spanish rice, Harvest grain blend, spaghetti squash and chicken salad

{THURSDAY} Rest day and Pork Chops

Took another rest day as I usually do on Thursdays (in preparation for my thunder thighs (=lots of cycling) weekend). It was very nice to not have to rush in the evening and make my Quinoa Power Salad while hubby was grilling pork chops outside.


We ended up watching an endless movie called The Departed on TV for most of the night!


On Friday I did yoga right after work.


What better way to relax for the weekend?

Dinner on Friday was not 100% healthy but delicious.

Bratwurst, rice and veggies

Bratwurst, rice and veggies

{SATURDAY} Cycling and Yoga

On Saturday I did my usual Saturday double, but this time Jim was teaching the cycling class so my hubby came along. We had a lot of fun! I love it when he goes to a class with me.

Blurry shot of my Pilot

Blurry shot of my Pilot

I didn’t wear my HRM for the yoga class – the chest strap was drenched in sweat and felt awful to wear after I took a shower. So I didn’t 🙂 But trust me – I did yoga that Saturday morning 🙂

For dinner that night hubby and I went out to Olive Garden. God, I love that place!

I had their house salad

I had their house salad

and Seafood Alfredo, which I got 2 meals out of :)

and Seafood Alfredo, which I got 2 meals out of 🙂

{SUNDAY} Indoor Cycling

My YMCA doesn’t have cycling classes on Sundays, and I really wanted one on Sunday (you know, because I am addicted). So I joined Gold’s Gym here 🙂

You know, because being a member of one gym is just not enough 🙂

Gold’s has ancient Schwinn bikes which don’t have monitors so I have no idea how far I went, but here’s the burn:


I like Schwinn’s bikes. Schwinn used to make Spinner® bikes for Madd Dog, so these are much closer to what I need than the LeMond bikes at the Y.

The rest of my Sunday was pretty much all pain – it was pouring rain outside, and 2013 taxes inside. We’re done with the rain now, but not with taxes yet 🙂

The only other bright thing that happened on Sunday was our seafood fest dinner!

Scallops and crab

Scallops and crab

And that pretty much sums up my past week at a glance 🙂

Also, this Monday was the last day of the FitFluential March Miles challenge. Check out my results:

Yep, I do bike more than I walk.

Yep, I do bike more than I walk.

I loved this challenge! It really makes you think how little we move with our desk jobs and couches!

Now the next challenge started on Tuesday – this time FitFluential is challenging my abs with planking every day in April. Bring it on! I’m ready 🙂

Join us! We’re are going to have fun and get a chance to win a prize from Puma!

Here’s the challenge calendar (printable): FFAprilAbs

Do share: what was your best workout last week?

Stay fit, my friends, and have a great week!



  1. I love spinning! That Quinoa Power Salad looks awesome – Ill have to try it!

  2. Lauren, thanks! Yu will not regret trying it – it is awesome and comes together very quickly. Let me know how you like it if/when you try it 🙂

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