Fun Foods Friday – Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day

Hey hey, my friends!

It’s that day again – Foodie Pen Pal reveal day, which this time coincides with the Fun Foods Friday!

For those of you who have no idea what Foodie Pen Pal is, head over here and read about this great program started by The Lean Green Bean Lindsay! Otherwise keep reading and find out what I got this month in my Foodie Pen Pal box and what wonderful people I got to meet through this great program.

This month I was lucky to have Tiffani who sent me the Foodie Pen Pal box for the month of July. Tiffani blogs at Life’s A Blog and lives in Charleston, SC.

It was a great experience and wonderful to get to know Tiffani as we discussed my food preferences so she could send me the box. And there…I finally got it! It was a big box!!!


When I opened up the box, I first saw the map of Charleston (what a great idea!), a post card with a view of Charleston, and an envelope with a handwritten note from Tiffani.



When I took those out of the box, I saw that every item had been carefully wrapped in paper with a little note attached to it (Tiffani, you ROCK!)


And so I started unwrapping it one by one, discovering the goodness of Tiffani’s heart 🙂

First up was a cute drink cozy. It is not a food item (see what I meant by the goodness of Tiffani’s heart?).


Then I discovered these incredibly delicious cherry yogurt covered pretzels (those disappeared in a heart beat as Carmen and my hubs walked into the room while I was unwrapping those).


I also got some Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut granola bars that I have been enjoying as my morning/afternoon snack.

Granola Bars

A Hershey’s special dark chocolate bar (check out the note on that one 🙂 )


Some fine Charleston Breakfast Tea (I love tea!)


Dried Mango! How awesome is that?


And this….this was absolutely incredible! White Chocolate Bear Claw from River Street Sweets!!!


What a great box I got! Look at all that beauty!


Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, Tiffani!!!

I also sent a box last month to my Foodie Pen Pal – Jenniger. I am absolutely in love with Jennifer’s blog – A Hungry Runner. Head over there right now and add this blog to your reader – you won’t regret it. Jennifer is creative, funny, and oh is her Banana Blueberry Cinnamon Bread recipe good!

You can also find Jen on Facebook and Instagram.

I am so thankful I found this program! It is wonderful to connect with great people from all over the country and get to try different foods from all over the place!

Stay fit, my friends and have a wonderful weekend!



  1. What an awesome pen pal box!! 😀 I did the program one month, I should get back to it!

    Looking forward to cheering you on this month with #WWBTB 🙂

    • Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I love this program! I’ve done it 2 months in a row.
      And…bring on September!

  2. Thanks for the all the yummies! 🙂 This was so much fun – people can be so creative!

  3. What a great idea. I need to look into this, would be fun to do.

    Found your blog through the Back to Basics group. 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you liked everything in your box! It was such a pleasure getting to know you and shopping for you was super fun!! That bear claw is delicious, but I can only indulge like twice a year! Haha. You were such an awesome person to get paired with. Can’t wait for you to visit Charleston one day so I can show you all the best restaurants, a REAL LIFE pen pal!

    Your Pen Pal,

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