Profile and Playlist for Indoor Cycling: Muscle Magic

Hey guys! Time to share another profile and playlist with you.

This week’s indoor cycling / Spinning® class profile and playlist is called “Muscle Magic”. It’s designed to build muscle endurance and strength – all by climbing those 4 hills I included into this 45 minute class.

I always enjoy both teaching it, and riding it with my class. I particularly like the playlist for this class – I think it created a great atmosphere  in class. Even my usual Chatty Betty’s were quiet climbing those hills 🙂

profile and playlist

Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist: Muscle Magic

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Here’s the visual profile for this class from the Class Builder:

profile and playlist

And the iTunes playlist:

If you’re a Spotify kind of person, I got you covered also (follow me on Spotify):

Please, note that the song “Freedom” is not on Spotify and is not included in the above Spotify playlist.

You can print the Class Builder ride .pdf: Ride 31 – Muscle Magic

… and we’re on to the fun part – notes and details of the ride!

Before we dive in though, make sure your have my Class Builder App Glossary open – that will help you “decode” my cues below and in the attached .pdf.

I also highly recommend using the Class Builder App itself for building your class profile and playlist, and leading your classes – it has been a huge life savior for me from Day 1!

Here we go:

1: “Honey”, Moby – Warm up  on Seated/Standing Flat.
2: “Run Boy Run”, Woodkid – Continue warming up with Seated/Standing Flat intervals, adding a little more resistance in the middle of this segment, and accelerating after returning back in the saddle. I love this song for speed drills – it has the beat to it that just makes your feet move fast! Encourage your riders to have adequate resistance on the wheel for this one as this beat can easily get them carried away.
3: “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, The Verve – first Seated/Standing climb of the class. Start by adding moderate resistance in the beginning of the segment, as there will be gradient resistance increase throughout. Alternate seated (HP2) and standing (HP3) climb.
4: “Dog Days Are Over”, Florence + The Machine – Active Recovery and Speed Work. Dial the resistance down to flat road in the beginning of the segment, let your class recover for one minute before the first acceleration (seated). Alternate seated/standing flat, accelerate by 5 RPM after returning to the saddle at 3:33 till the end of the segment.
5: “Freedom”, Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton – Sprints on a Hill. Add moderate resistance in the beginning of this segment.  Alternate standing “attacks” (sprints) and seated climb. Add resistance every time after returning back in the saddle. This is one of my most favorite songs – it just moves me! On the chorus (“I am looking for freedom”) it just makes me want to work extra hard – as if for that freedom. I think this song is very powerful!
6: “Come With Me Now”, KONGOS – Running with Resistance – keep the resistance from the previous segment. Alternate seated climb and running with resistance in HP2.
7: “Tequila”, The Champs – Active recovery. This segment is mostly recovery with short speed pick ups in the middle. This song comes in as a fun break after the tough climb your class just accomplished. Don’t forget to congratulate them on the accomplishment!
8: “Kashmir (feat. Slash)”, Escala – Seated/Standing Climb. Add heavy resistance in the beginning of the segment. Alternate seated climb with standing “attacks” in HP3.
9: “Toxic”, Britney Spears – Seated Climb (Continued). Keep the heavy resistance from the previous segment. Perform acceleration intervals (seated, HP2). This doesn’t have to be an “all out” effort – just increasing the cadence enough to challenge your students a little more.
10: “Little White Church”, Little Big Town  – Active Recovery. Dial the resistance back to flat, let your students recover for one minute. Alternate standing run (this is a break, not a super hard effort) and seated accelerations (that’s where the effort is).
11: “Zombie”, The Cranberries – Final Hill (Seated/Standing Climb). Add moderate resistance in the beginning of the segment. Add more at 0:49. Get out of the saddle for standing attacks – these are not sprints (all out efforts), just standing accelerations – that’s why they are longer than a usual sprint would be. Add more resistance every time you return to the saddle.
12: “Dust In the Wind”, KansasCool down and Stretching.

I hope you enjoy this class profile and playlist. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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  1. You have given me some great ideas for class so THANK YOU! I had forgotten all about Moby, but definitely a great warm-up song!!
    ALlie recently posted…5 Things to Do When You Can’t RunMy Profile

  2. Allie, you are most welcome! Glad you could use some ideas 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Lean Lena recently posted…Profile and Playlist #9 for Indoor Cycling: Muscle MagicMy Profile

  3. I don’t really cycle at the moment, but I love that you share your playlist. Great idea. I am running my first half marathon and I like to train with music because those miles can get a little boring all by yourself. Thanks for the ideas.
    tricia recently posted…How to Throw a Party with Kids UnderfootMy Profile

  4. I am not cycling at the moment, but love your playlist! Thanks for sharing! #wowlinkup
    Toni @runninglovingliving recently posted…2014 NYC Marathon Recap #TCSNYCMarathonMy Profile

  5. Every time and I mean EVERY time I read about your classes it makes me want to take a class and then I remember I have boot camp or a lift session but will make time for it later. I have my eyes set on this if not this month definitely next month. #wowlinkup
    Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club recently posted…Holiday POPSUGAR Must Have BoxMy Profile

  6. I was going to a class and the instructor was complaining that people were not coming to her class. I actually had to tell her she needs to change her music because with the demographic of the club is mainly African Americans and Hispanic, they were not interested in rock from the 1970s LOL. Her daughter helped her put together a playlist and her numbers picked up. It is good to know your audience like you do. #wowlinkup
    The Frugal Exerciser recently posted…Win A PB2 Gift Pack – A Giveaway For Peanut Butter LoversMy Profile

    • That’s one of the mistakes a lot of instructors make – they play music THEY like. While music in class should certainly move the instructor first and foremost, you have to take your population into account.
      Fine line there, but most instructors manage it 🙂

  7. I love this ptofile!! I used it for both my 45 and my 60 minute classes. It worked great!! This was the first of your playlists/profiles I used. Later on, I used more, and they were all awesome!! Thank you for sharing and, also, thank you for introducing me to the Classbuilder app I knew nothing about before finding your page!!

  8. Question on the song “Freedom” spotify is linking to an Anthony Hamilton playlist with the song from Django and by Rob Starr. It’s very slow. Is this the correct version? I am trying to use spotify. I am also having a hard time finding your class builder profile (I am getting directed to purchase the app – which I do use). could you send it to me please? I just started poking through your site. your profiles look great!

    • Hi Jen.
      Welcome to Lean Lena!
      I just looked on Spotify and it doesn’t have the right version that I used from iTunes. The one I used was by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton.
      You’ll have to click on “Ride 31 – Muscle Magic” to get to the Class Builder profile in .pdf format. (second line after playlist in the post above)
      Lean Lena recently posted…Whole30 Week 2 – Eats, Results and PlansMy Profile

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