Resolutions Anyone?

Hey you, guys! And Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great time off with your loved ones, enjoyed the holidays and all back in the groove now.

New year is the time for resolutions, decisions, new goals and re-evaluation. It is to the point where it is borderline pure pressure and stress, isn’t it? Everyone is asking about your resolutions, sharing theirs, and looking for “resolution buddies”. Uuuurgh! Pressure. I hate pressure. Pressure has the reverse effect on me – the more I am pressured, the less I want to do it. For me, what does the trick is ME actually WANTING to do something. So. Let’s get the pressure off of you and have you relax for a couple minutes while you read this. This post is about me and my goals for 2014 as well as looking back at 2013. No pressure on you, navigate away if you like 🙂 Or…Keep reading 🙂

The best achievement of 2013?

I am proud that I started exercising regularly, eating healthier and of losing 20lb I didn’t need in 2013. It has been a great year of discoveries, pushing my own limits and getting out of my comfort zone.


The picture above was taken in 2008, but yep – those 2o lb that I didn’t need are in it, and I don’t want them back!

Goals for 2014?

Get certified as a yoga and spinning instructor. This one has been on my wish list for a while now… But Life is amazing, you know? I have been thinking about this for a year now. Never really got from thoughts from actions, though. Mostly because it costs a fortune, takes time and is not available around where I live (i.e. time off my day job and travel). But those are all excuses 🙂 Anywho, we have recently bought a car for me at a dealership, and it turned out that the sales lady who sold us the car is also a yoga and spinning instructor! We talked about it while we were test-driving the car, she told me the name of the gym she teaches at and we said goodbyes. When my husband went back there to actually buy the car, he asked her where and how she got her training for both yoga and spinning. He came back home with a website address for me 🙂 Did I ever mention how much I love this guy? If not – I love him A LOT! Anyway, I am still doing my research on that website, I will probably call that lady up and see if I can meet up with her and talk about it. I am officially making it my 2014 goal!

I have already registered for a CPR class at the YMCA as some certification classes for yoga/spinning require you to have one.

I have found a couple of online yoga teacher’s schools and actually one in the area!

Now – evaluate and estimate, choose the best option and go for it! So excited! I am already thinking about my spin class playlist 🙂

Run 5K. Ever since my knee injury, extensive physical therapy and recovery, I have not run a single mile. Both my Ortho and PT encouraged me to try and get back into running, which I intend to do in 2014 and run a 5K – with a lot of training and building up to it, of course.

Be able to do 10 push-ups and 10 pull-ups. Now come on already. I have been doing weights and strength training 2 times a week since August 2013. I still can’t do those. Something needs to be changed in my routine and I will have 2014 to figure out what it is and work towards my goal.

Take swim lessons this summer. I know how to swim and I love swimming. I do need to get better at it and learn a couple new styles and then – laps, laps, laps at the Swim Club this summer!

Bike outside on a trail more (the goal is at least couple times a month weather permitting). We do bike outside in the summer time – not that often though. I would love to make it a good habit once it gets warmer to go on a trail and ride, ride, ride!

Loose my last 10lb to reach my goal weight! I have been on a plateau for month now…And those pounds need to come off no matter what! Let’s see if the goal of training for 5K will do the trick!

IF you feel like sharing/have any – what are your goals and resolutions for the wonderful 2014 ahead?


  1. Way to go! That`s some great goals, Lena. Good luck.

    I can definitely feel your pain with pull-ups. It takes so much strength to do them and it took me A WHILE to be able to do JUST ONE!!! Are you practicing them with a band? I started with a really wide one and then gradually went to smaller ones. Still working on them and still have a looooong way to go…

    Did you try limiting or eliminating overprocessed carbs and sugar for at least several weeks? I feel like they are a biggest culprit in weight gain, at least for me.

    Let me know if you wanna go for a run together.

    • Thank you, Lera.
      I am practicing them on the assisted pull-ups machine, slow but sure making some progress.
      Carbs and sugars, what are they? – I have been avoiding them for a long time now.
      As for the run together, I have a loooong way to go to run with you 🙂 But thanks! One day we will go for a run together 🙂
      Hope you feel better soon.

      • I had to google the assisted pull-ups machine 🙂

        Well, I`m kinda tired of running with a certain distance and/or speed in mind. So I`m ready for some take-it-easy jog. But it`s too icy/cold for it now anyway 🙂 Maybe next week or the week after I will start running outside again.

        And thanks, I`m a little better today.

  2. I love your goals for 2014! You can totally do it!

    Push-ups are definitely going to be easier than pull-ups but don’t despair. You CAN do them. As Lera says, start with a band for the pull-ups and do jumping pull-ups and learn how to do negative pull-ups. It really helps with muscle development. And, don’t get discouraged. Just keep working and be positive. You got this!

    As far as the last 10 pounds (all relative, really. don’t forget that muscle weighs more so don’t get TOO caught up in the numbers), if you’re eating well, maybe you just need to take your workout to a new level. I know you do a lot but maybe increase weight, do a few more reps, walk more (I know you’re trying to get back into running, too), etc. Working on those pushups and pull-ups will help, too because you’ll be building more muscle and having more muscle burns more calories. I’d just concentrate on your other goals and keep working, don’t get caught up stepping on that scale, and go by how you feel and by how your clothes fit. And never forget that you’re beautiful RIGHT NOW. 🙂

    • Jen, I love you 🙂
      No, seriously, I do – not to sound weird, but you are awesome.
      Thanks so much for your support!!! I felt empowered after reading your comment.
      I did learn how to do negative pull-ups 🙂 Those are no joke either!
      Weight…it is a side goal, really. And you are right – I went down from size 12 to size 8 in a year – that feels really awesome!

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