Skechers Motivation to Walk – Who Do You Walk For?

I don’t talk about my personal life on this blog a lot… But this occasion/opportunity really moved me to share a story with you today that’s personal.

It’s the most difficult post I’ve ever had to write, too…

Meet my grandma.


Her name is Valentina and she’s my maternal grandmother’s sister actually. I grew up with my maternal grandma living with us – taking care of us kids like only a grandmother can, for which I will forever be grateful. Valentina lived away and would come to visit us occasionally. Those family get-togethers are one of the fondest memories I have from my childhood. My grandma’s sisters were all very loud, funny, witty, strong and powerful women. Growing up with these women around was amazing and contributed a lot into making me who I am today.

When I left home to go to college, it happened to be in the city Valentina lived in. I lived in her house during admissions/exams in the beginning of my freshman year. I visited every now and then just to hang out with her, and she would always let me go only after my hands were full of bags with food (even though I never asked).

3 years after college, when I could already afford buying my own food not only at a grocery store, but at a restaurant – it was still impossible to leave her house without my hands full of bags with food. She just wouldn’t let me out 🙂

Fast forward another decade, I moved half the world away from her, and she’s still trying to give me food “take-out” to take to the States with me. 🙂

She was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and underwent numerous surgeries, reconstructions, chemo, radiation treatments… If she didn’t tell me – I would have never known – that’s how strong she was at that time and still is today.

She went through hell and the smile never left her face when her family was around.

She is one of the strongest women I know… Cancer changed her way of life, but it hasn’t changed her a bit. She is just as strong as she’s always been and I know she always will be.

That’s why October is a special month for me. That is why when Skechers reached out to me offering the opportunity to participate in Skechers Motivation to Walk campaign, I said “Yes”.

Throughout the month of October Skechers Performance Division is partnering with American Cancer Society to help raise breast cancer awareness and help fund research.


After agreeing to participate in Skechers campaign and receiving my complementary pair of shoes, I set a goal for myself – to walk 70 000 steps in a week in those shoes.

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Every step of those 70 000 every single day I was thinking of my grandma, how she beat cancer and laughed into its face.

In one week’s time my Skechers and I walked the streets of New York City:


my backyard:


and even my dining room 🙂


I walked almost 20 000 steps in NYC on Monday, and – NO BLISTERS! And I can get blisters even from wearing comfy puffy slippers.

Not this time though – not even discomfort other than tired feet.

These shoes have Goga Mat Technology cushioned comfort insole – that’s why! They feel so soft and comfortable, you won’t even notice you’ve been walking all day.

Approved Stamp

Today YOU can help fight breast cancer AND get these awesome shoes.

  • Buy your pair of Skechers Performance Division’s “Strong” shoe line, which features top selling products such as the GOwalk 2 (this is what I got), GOfit and GOrun3 at any of the store locations or online.
  • Skechers will donate part of your purchase to the American Cancer Society.
  • Round up your purchase at the register to the next whole dollar to benefit the American Cancer Society when you buy your Skechers in the month of October.
  • If you donate $5 or more, you will receive a 20% off coupon for your next purchase (applies when shopping at retailer stores).
  • There’s more – Skechers retailer stores are offering gifts for your purchase of the limited edition breast cancer awareness shoes – a tote bag or a water bottle.

I think there are very few lucky families left out there who can’t relate to this cause, and I am genuinely happy for them. Watching your loved one go through this is something no one should ever have to experience.

That’s why I’m doing what I can to help fight this disease and devastation it brings to the life of so many people.

That’s why I will continue doing what I’m doing – so that people effected know that they have support. And hope.

Who will you wear your Skechers for? Buy here and share your dedication in comments if you feel like it.

If you have someone to wear them for and don’t feel like sharing here, just know that I’m here for you if you need me.

Love you, grandma. You’re the biggest inspiration in my life.

Please, share this post to help Skechers raise awareness and support breast cancer research.


Disclosure: thanks to Skechers for sponsoring today’s blog post


  1. Thank you for sharing about your grandmother, she sounds like an amazing woman!
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  2. I love your 70,000 steps goal, what a beautiful sentiment.
    Jill Will Run recently posted…Fitting Fitness in AnywhereMy Profile

  3. Nice post and a great way to honor her. I am really liking the walkers much more so than I thought I would
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Let Blow Dry Taxi come to youMy Profile

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