Spinning Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills

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It’s time to share a Spinning class /Indoor Cycling class profile with you again.

Spinning Class / Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills

Class Duration: 50 minutes

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Here’s the ride profile from the Class Builder App:

Ride 34 – Double Trouble Hills

Before you dive into this, make sure you have my Class Builder App Glossary open in case you have to decode my cues 🙂

Class Notes:

1: “Run Boy Run”, Woodkid – Warm Up with running intervals (HP2) on a flat road. Remind your riders to add some resistance about half way through this segment. Very few people add adequate resistance to simulate flat road to begin with.
2: “The Cave”, Mumford & Sons – continue the Warm Up with running intervals (HP2).
3: “Kashmir (feat. Slash)”, Escala – first Climb. Add moderate resistance in the beginning of the segment. Alternate seated climb with standing attacks in HP3.
4: “Lose My Breath”, Destiny’s Child – continue to Climb gradually adding resistance and alternating seated and standing climb.
5: “Hot Stuff”, Donna Summer – Seated/Standing Flat – take the resistance back to flat road level in the beginning of the segment. Alternate standing flat with seated accelerations by 5 RPM.
6: “It’s Not Over”, Daughtry – back to another round of the “double trouble” hills. Add moderate resistance in the beginning of this segment. Have your class participants choose whether they want to start climbing seated or standing. Alternate seated/standing climb (if they started seated, they will be switching to standing and back), adding resistance two more times throughout the segment.
7: “Drops of Jupiter”, Train – return to Seated Flat for a 1:20 minute recovery. Transition to Seated Climb, then to Standing climb, then to Running with Resistance, then back to Flat Road.
8: “Try”, Pink – Seated Climb. Return to moderate resistance. Continue increasing resistance in small increments throughout this segment. Remain seated until the last resistance increase. At that point, participants may transition to Standing Climb if they need to, otherwise they can continue climbing seated.
9: “Little White Church”, Little Big Town – Seated/Standing Flat. Recover for 1:00 minute in the beginning of the segment. Alternate seated/standing flat with acceleration when returning to seated flat from standing.
10: “Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental)”, Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Seated/Standing Climb. Add heavy resistance in the beginning of the segment. Alternate seated climb with standing attacks in Hand Position 3.
11: “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)”, Fall Out Boy – Rolling Hills. Return to Flat Road in the beginning of this segment for recovery. Alternate seated flat with attacks out of the saddle against heavy resistance.
12: “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Take the resistance back to moderate in the beginning of the segment. Alternate runs with seated climbing gradually decreasing the resistance to flat road level throughout the song.
13: “Sweet Home Alabama”, Lynyrd Skynyrd – Cool down and stretching off the bike.

Have a wonderful day, guys and ride on!


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