Spinning Class Routine and Playlist – Hills’n’Sprints

This Spinning class routine and playlist continues to be the most popular post on my blog and one of my classes’ most favorite rides. Challenging and fun at the same time. Can’t beat that! spinning class routine

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!

As an indoor cycling / Spinning┬« instructor – this is my favorite time of year. Why, you may ask? Because my classes are filling up, and they’re filling up with awesome people who come back after their riding season to train inside!

We have a small studio at our Y (19 bikes including the instructor’s bike) and this past Monday I had 12 riders. FUN!

So here’s the indoor cycling class routine we did this Monday.

Spinning Class Routine and Playlist – Hills’n’Sprints

Class duration: 53:32

iTunes Playlist:

Spotify Playlist (follow me on Spotify):

Here’s the Class Builder App profile for this ride: Ride 32 – Hills-n-Sprints

Don’t forget to keep my Class Builder Glossary open to decode my cues ­čÖé

Ride Notes and Comments:

1: “B6 Shuffle”, The Deadlies – Warm Up. Encourage the class to tune in, explain the profile and set the mood.
2: “Larger Than Life”, Backstreet Boys – Continue warming up on a┬áSeated Flat transitioning to┬áStanding Flat and back┬á3 times (see attached┬áClass Builder App profile above). Finish with returning to the saddle and accelerating for 30 seconds.
3: “Womanizer”, Britney Spears – Alternate Seated/Standing Flat. Pick up the pace when going out of the saddle for Standing Flat.
4: “Paparazzi”, Lady Gaga┬á– First Climb. Add moderate resistance in the beginning of the segment. Alternate Seated/Standing Climb increasing resistance┬áevery time before┬átransitioning to Standing Climb.
5: “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), Shakira –┬áActive Recovery. Return to Seated Flat and find comfortable cadence 80-110 RPM. Maintain constant cadence with 4 accelerations (once by 5 RMP and 3×10 RPM).
6: “When We Stand Together”, Nickelback – Seated/Standing Climb. Pay attention that this climb is of higher intensity – instruct the students to bring in heavier resistance than what they had on the first climb. Transition between Seated and Standing Climb, adding resistance every time before coming out of the saddle.
7: “All In”, Lifehouse – Team Sprints. Keep the resistance from the previous segment and divide the class into 2 teams. (I did Ladies vs. Gentlemen or by rows of bikes in the┬ároom). While Team 1 sprints, team 2 recovers with both teams sprinting as one at the┬áend of the segment.

8: “Heaven Is a Place on Earth (80’s Dance Version)”, Ultra Flirt – Active Recovery on Seated/Standing Flat. Standing Flat in this segment of the ride is not quite your usual standing flat – it’s more of a break before the riders go back in the saddle and accelerate to the conventional cadence range for Seated Flat of 80-110 RPM.
9: “Freedom”, Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton – Back to Seated/Standing Climb. Start with moderate resistance, alternate standing “attacks”┬áwith seated climb, adding resistance every time when returning┬áto the saddle.
10: “To Be With You”, Mr. Big – Lighten up the resistance back to flat at the end of the previous segment, then add it back and alternate seated/standing flat in the beginning of the segment gradually transforming this drill to a climb (seated/standing) as riders add more and more resistance.
11: “Drops of Jupiter”, Train – Return to flat in the beginning of the segment and recover for 1:20. Add resistance and climb seated for another 1:20. Transition to┬áRunning with Resistance for another 1:20, then return to┬áSeated Flat.
12: “Send Me an Angel”, Scorpions – Mostly Seated Climb. Add moderate resistance in the beginning of the segment. Continue adding about every minute (see attached class profile from the Class Builder App for timing) transitioning┬áto Standing Climb couple times at the end of this segment for brief attacks.
13: “The Final Countdown”, Europe – Sprints. Lighten up the resistance to flat in the beginning of this segment for a brief recovery. Bring in┬áheavy resistance right before the first sprint. Sprint for 15-30 seconds (total of 4 sprints in the segment).
14: “Sweet Home Alabama”, Lynyrd Skynyrd – Recovery and stretching off the bike.

And that’s how it went, guys! Tell your friends:

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  1. loving your website- very inspiring and informative. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this!!!
    much love- Rebecca from PA

  2. I’m looking forward to trying this routine!! I love your blog and the emails I receive!! You are great at what you do!!

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