Last Week’s Exercise Recap and a Fit Family

Hey guys! It’s Monday again! I know, I know…But hey – it is a new beginning, isn’t it? Say, if you didn’t exercise as much last week (like this girl) or made not so good of food choices (like this girl, too), you should be happy for this chance to start over, right?

Yeah, me too 🙂

So, let me tell you what I did to exercise last week and a little about my fit family members. 🙂


Was supposed to spin, but got held up at work until late and then I had a Skype call with mom scheduled for that night, so I didn’t work out. Rest day #1.


I don’t remember what the excuse was, but that was a Rest day #2! Keep reading 🙂 I am going to get to the exercise part eventually.


I finally sucked it up and decided to try something new. The Wednesday Y schedule had Zumba on it, so I decided to go for it.

I had very little clue of what I was doing, but I had a blast!!! I really liked the atmosphere of the class – it felt more like a party than a workout. Thank you so much, Terre, for a great class!

Totally killed my knees though. I did my research in advance and chose the shoes that had little tread, but it still wasn’t enough for my knees.

So I am a recovering zumbanaut 🙂 Still.

Check out what a great burn it was, though! More than in some of the spinning classes I take.

Yeah, baby!

Yeah, baby!


Guess what? Aha, that was the rest day #3. Right after work we headed to Simon’s swim meet. Oh, that was so much fun! I am so proud of him! Scored a smile, too (can’t take that for granted when it comes to TA boys:) )


He swam like he had a motor!


They also had a small party for seniors there that night. So sweet!


Simon got a bag of candy and a balloon with his name on it.


Of course the kitty had to have the balloon when we got home 🙂

What do you mean it's not for me? Who is it for then?

What do you mean it’s not for me? Who is it for then?


Had to suck it up again and go lift – I am a fitness blogger after all, right? Not gonna keep my readers interested if I post about kitties all the time 🙂

Anyway, on Friday I decided to go for an evening workout!

I walked on a treadmill for a bit to warm up:


And then lifted some heavy stuff!


I mostly worked on my arms, shoulders and abs as my legs were still sore from Zumba and I was saving them for Saturday morning 🙂

The gym was almost empty. So were the locker rooms, so I had some fun after the workout 🙂



On Saturday I took an early spinning class with Tara so I could later go to Carmen’s basketball game. The class was a blast! I could feel my heart in my throat the whole time – that’s a sign of a good workout 🙂 A cold refreshing smoothie after that workout never tasted better 🙂


Shortly after I got home and showered, we headed out to Carmen’s basketball season play offs. Her team won both games they played that day and are officially the #1 team in their league as of last Saturday. The last two games will be held next Saturday and I am sure these girls will be the Champions!



Was a busy day – all the prep. work for the Super Bowl (grocery shopping, cooking, setting the table, etc.) and….such a disappointment… Don’t even want to talk about the SB…

Let’s just end this with Sunday being Rest Day #4!

So. Let’s see… I didn’t exercise as much as I usually do last week, but I had a fun, busy week full of fun events and pride for my step-children.

I’ll count that as an AWESOME week!

Now, tell me: did you have a good week?

Stay fit and awesome, my friends!


Five on Friday

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!!

Here I am again with five things that I am loving lately.

{{ONE}} Conscious box

Oh. My. God. I saw the ads pop up a lot on the internet, and finally decided to try it. The idea behind it is – you subscribe for certain number of months (can be as little as one), and every month you get a box of goodies – all healthy and organic stuff. When I ordered mine, they had a promotion running where you had to pay shipping only and get the first box for free.

Check out some things I got in my box:

Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea

Beauty Bursts!

Beauty Bursts!

Wholesome sweeteners

Wholesome sweeteners

and lots of other wonderful things that made me a one happy camper!

and lots of other wonderful things that made me a one happy camper!

Would you like to get a conscious box? Then you need to head over here.

{{TWO}} Lemon Bars

So last weekend I was browsing through Facebook and stumbled upon a great recipe for Lemon Bars.

I have never made those before, I don’t think I ever had one either, but they looked so good and easy to make that I decided to go for it and make a batch.

Aren't the gorgeous?

Aren’t the gorgeous?

You can find the recipe for these wonderful things on Lauren Kelly’s blog.

{{THREE}} Oranges Infused Water

Well, you guys already know from my previous Five on Friday post that I have been addicted to oranges lately. It got worse – now I infuse water with oranges 🙂


{{FOUR}} “Women, Food and God” by Geneen Roth

What a wonderful book!

Buy Women Food and God on Amazon

Initially, I heard about this book from the list of recommended reading for the “Yoga Fit Yoga Lean” certification course with Beth Shaw.

What a wonderful reading it has been! Very refreshing and useful book to read for those who what to look deeper into their relationships with food 🙂

{{FIVE}} My New Food Scale

Long time ago I got myself a food scale. Loved it! So easy when you need to control your portion size or keep track of the recipe ingredients.

Time went by and one day my kitty dumped a pot of dirt onto the scale (didn’t you see it coming?) 🙂 Well, I was “smart” enough to wash it off with water. My scale stopped working…

So I was on the market for a new one. It amazes me how ridiculously expensive these things are! So I went searching on Amazon for two reasons – the prices for these at the store just did not seem reasonable, and reason #2 -me being a lazy busy person. Here’s what I found.


And that concludes my Five on Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, guys, and…

Your turn! Tell me about your Five on Friday!


Five on Friday

Hey, guys! Happy Friday!

It’s “Five on Friday” time here.

{{ONE}} Crab Crackin’ Cruise on the Pride of the Susquehanna steam boat

That's her

That’s her

You get as much crab as you can eat (tell me it's not paradise)

You get as much crab as you can eat (tell me it’s not paradise)

You get to enjoy the view while it is still light outside

You get to enjoy the view while it is still light outside

and also this stunning view after it gets dark

and also this stunning view after it gets dark

all that makes you just about this happy

all that makes you just about this happy

{{TWO}} Watching Carmen play with Vodka the Kitty


There is a sort of a love/hate relationship between these two 🙂 Well, not like hate-hate, but she’d be chasing him, he’d be running for his kitty life, but when she catches him he gets this kind of face as in the picture above. Yes, that is his very happy face 🙂

{{THREE}} “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan


Photo credit

I have to say, this book is changing my views on food and nutrition. I am still reading it, and I am not anywhere near done, but it is changing my eating habits already.

Highly recommended reading!

{{FOUR}} English Muffins


I seem to be eating a lot of those lately. I must be just tired of my oatmeal for breakfast (I know it is REALLY hard to believe). 🙂

Also, I tried putting some almond butter and some chocolate coconut butter that Heather sent me on a toasted English muffin, and I must say – it is to die for!

{{FIVE}} Carmen’s choices of what to go as on Halloween – no pressure/ideas from anyone – it’s all her.

Ziggie Stardust, 2012

Ziggie Stardust, 2012

Sir Elton John, 2011

Sir Elton John, 2011


Mick Jagger, 2013

Mick Jagger, 2013

What’s your Five this Friday?


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