5 Things I Don’t Teach Indoor Cycling or Spinning® Class Without

Hey guys! It’s Friday finally!!!

I hope you had a great week and are ready for even better weekend.

I thought I’d share some more tips for new indoor cycling instructors today. Being fairly new to it myself, I still remember very well what it is like to struggle with every class you have to teach – especially the first one. If you can relate and you’re lost in the world of information, check out my posts on how to get ready for teaching your first class and the recap of my own first class I taught.

It’s been a few months now that I’ve been teaching at the YMCA and yes – it does get easier. You get in the groove and don’t get so nervous before every class.

I now have my little “tricks” that will hopefully help you be more prepared to teach indoor cycling, whether you’re a new instructor or not.

Are you ready to receive some secret insider information? 🙂 Here we go!

teach indoor cycling

{ONE}  JOBY Gorillapod  

It is a flexible tripod for point & shoot digital cameras + smart phone adapter with 1/4×20 standard tripod thread For iPhone and all smart phones.

To be honest with you, I have no idea what I’d do without this handy thing.

Most of the indoor bikes don’t have anything on the handlebars for your music projecting device to attach to or rest on.

Throw in some cords from the stereo system hanging around and it just gets a little unsafe to ride your bike with all that around.

I initially bought this flexible tripod for what it is intended to – photography. But having started to teach indoor cycling I thought of this handy use for it – just attach the tripod with the cell phone adapter onto the handlebars (mine usually sits right by the “Pilot”), tuck the cords behind the tripod “legs” and you’re all set!

If you use something other than your phone to play music in the class, I’m pretty sure they have adaptors for that, too 🙂
Buy this super tripod on amazon. I bought mine for $23.

{TWO} Class Builder™ App by Cycling Fusion

It is not free, it costs $19.99 and it is worth every penny!

This app allows you to put together ride playlists from your iTunes playlists or by adding songs to class profile one by one, integrate timed cues to show up on the screen at a certain time during a song, intervals, play pre- and post-class music, it keeps all your profiles right there handy at your fingertips.

teach indoor cycling

You can copy an old class profile if you just want to adjust it a little for your next class.

You can copy a profile segment (that killer climb your class loved a few months ago) and paste it in your new profile.

You can e-mail a .pdf of your class profile, playlist and cue sheet to yourself and print it.

You can see the class elapsed time and each song elapsed time on the screen all the time.

You can teach with video or photo.

You can see your profile intensity chart based on the data you enter for each segment.

You can view your class play list, cue sheet or “now playing” song at any time during the class.

You see your latest AND the next cue (with the countdown to it!) on one screen at any time.

I’m sure you can do another 1000 things with this app that I have yet to learn.

I LOVE getting ready for my classes with this app. I think it is very helpful to have it – especially when you’re new and are just starting to build your confidence teaching.

Cycling Fusion has videos up on their website that will make it super easy for you to use their app.

Buy Class Builder™ by Cycling Fusion on iTunes, I promise it will be the best $19.99 you ever spent!

{THREE} Belkin F8Z492ttP Bluetooth Music Receiver

We al know that a good instructor is not there to get their own workout, and that getting off the bike and walking around the room is extremely important – it gives you a chance to keep an eye on your students, correct their form if needed, keep an eye on their cadence and even heart rate.

A lot of new instructors absolutely dread this part of their job. One of the reasons why they are afraid to get off the bike is because (being a new instructor), they don’t feel comfortable leaving their music streaming device “tied” to the stereo. If you ask me – I need to have my phone in my hand when I walk around – all my cues are in the Class Builder app, I need to see the time, effort and the next drill. If I had to walk away from that in my first few classes it would have given me such anxiety I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else.

What if I told you that you can walk around the room with your phone in your hand, see your music, cues, intensity zones, playlist AND be able to control the volume from your phone?

teach indoor cycling

Belkin F8Z492ttP Bluetooth Music Receiver will help you do just that. It is super easy to set up – plug it into a power source and the cord that normally goes into your phone will go into this little device instead.

Then turn on Bluetooth  on your phone, pair your phone with this little device and walk free while streaming your music in class.

$27 on Amazon.

You’re welcome 🙂

{FOUR}  Backup CD and Cue Sheet

teach indoor cycling

How many times have you been struggling with that stereo?  Someone who taught before you did something and you can’t get that thing to play music from your phone.

Or (God forbid) the cord you need has mysteriously disappeared from the room and you simply can’t connect your device to the stereo system.

Burn a CD with the “go to” profile in case of emergency, and print out the cue sheet to quickly look over before you start the class if you need to use it.

You might never need it, but it just might save your reputation one day 🙂

{FIVE} Regular Athletic Shoes

Keep them in your locker at the gym or in your car, or just wear them when you go to class.

I’m assuming you have learnt the benefits of clipping in by now and do have a nice pair of cycling shoes. If not, this article here has great information on how to choose the right pair of cycling shoes.

Now why would you need to bring a pair of regular shoes with you, you may ask?

Because things happen. If one of the cleats on your shoes breaks, falls out, gets lost, etc.. – are you ready to teach an entire class off the bike because all you have on is your flip-flops? 🙂

If yes, no problem at all – other that your riders thinking you’re a weirdo teaching in flip-flops. 🙂

If you’re not ready for that – the spare pair of shoes might be just what you need so you can get on the bike and into those cages if something goes wrong with your cycling shoes.

And that’s it, my dears! Just 5 things to remember – easy, right?

Good luck to you if you’re just starting this exciting journey of teaching Indoor Cycling or Spinning®. I’m rooting for you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lean Lena


  1. I LOVE this! I’m debating on getting certified in spin so this was a great post for me to read! Happy Friday! Ps, loving your blog <3

    • Thanks, Sue! I’m glad you found it helpful.
      If you need any help, just shoot me an e-mail, I’d be happy to help answer your questions if I can.
      Good luck!

  2. When I taught a few years ago they did not have that class builder app-that would have been amazing!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…5 New Exericses I’m loving right nowMy Profile

  3. I’ve never even tried cycling but I still found this very helpful from a student perspective. If I ever wanted to try cycling on my own or (finally) found a class, I’d feel prepared to participate.
    Carla recently posted…Push It: July 2014 Running ReportMy Profile

  4. That’s so smart, that tripod thingy! I had never heard of it before. Thanks for the tip!
    Momshomerun recently posted…What’s new?My Profile

  5. the JOby is fantastic. I don’t teach spin but I could see multi uses for it.
    Janelle@ Domestically Seasoned recently posted…This is life lately!My Profile

  6. I’ve been teaching for over a year and all I can say is that you just never stop learning something new! Love your 5 things especially the bluetooth device. I hate walking around class because I hate to leave my iPod behind without seeing how much time is left in a song. Problem solved!! Awesome!

  7. Hey Lena,

    Great Blog! and this is a very useful post.

    That tripod thing is so smart!

    Keep the awesome work you are doing.



  8. Hello there Lena!
    Thank you so much for creating this blog and fabulous resource. I’m new to spin instruction and wondered if you still love the ClassBuilder app as it’s most recent reviews seem terrible. Does it still do all that you want and need? Or does it crash and has broken Spotify integration like the reviews say? Thank you so much.

  9. Lena
    The Class Builder by Cycling Fusion App is not longer on iTunes. Do you have another suggestion for a App you currently use? Thanks Linette

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