2014 Review: What Happened and What Didn’t

With 2015 approaching, I couldn’t help but think about what 2014 has brought, what I have accomplished and where I’ve failed. It is that time when we all reflect, analyze, think, and hope.

So I decided to do a 2014 review: go back to my 2014 Resolutions and see what happened in 2014 and what didn’t.

2014 review

Let’s see here… This is what I resolved to do in 2014 at the end of 2013:

Get certified as a yoga and Spinning® instructor.

I did indeed get certified as a Spinning® instructor shortly after I posted that resolution, and at this point of my life it’s hard to imagine there was a time when I wasn’t certified and teaching.


Yoga teacher training never happened though… BUT I got certified to teach TRX®! Unplanned fun and a new adventure 🙂


Both those things have completely changed my life and my schedule in 2014. They have brought SO MUCH joy, sense of accomplishment and reward that I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am that I resolved to do this last year.

I was lucky enough to get hired by my local YMCA and teach both indoor cycling and TRX® to our wonderful members.

Teaching has also helped me find a lot of new friends and connect better with the ones I already had.

Run a 5K

This past year I’ve been on and off running. I started training with C25K. Dropped it. Then started again. Dropped it again. I’ve been doing it on and off pretty much all summer.


And then I ran/walked a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.

turkey trot

I chose not to race and signed up to go with walkers not runners. I did not want to be tracked and paced by anybody but myself. I had my Polar RCX5 with me and my Loop.

My goal was to actually finish it – run or walk or both. I reached it 🙂

2014 review

I did finish my 5K, and I had a BLAST! You know what I did when I got home after it? I started looking up races. 🙂 Because I felt that “I CAN DO THIS” high that runners keep talking about. Well, yeah – it’s real 🙂

2014 review

Be able to do 10 push-ups and 10 pull-ups

Nope. Still can’t do them. This resolution needs to be carried over to 2015.

Take swim lessons this summer

Didn’t happen either…

– Bike outside on a trail more (the goal is at least couple times a month weather permitting)

I did bike more this summer than I did the summer before, but still not nearly as much as I should. I think I will make it an ongoing goal – ride outside A LOT 🙂

I did go on the trail several times this year though – one of them for an organized biking event – my very first ever race bib of any kind was from that race:

cycling vega bars

– Loose my last 10lb to reach my goal weight!

This one was interesting. For the longest time I struggled with those last 10lb. Then a said “Screw it” and stopped weighing myself, but was still counting calories.

Then I did my very first Whole30.


…and it completely changed my relationship with food. I stopped counting calories, started eating a lot less processed foods, started reading my labels AND I lost those last 10lb as a side benefit to feeling amazing.

Here’s what else happened in 2014 that I had NO idea would happen when I was writing down my NY Resolutions at the end of 2013:

And SO much more!

This blog has grown so much in the past year – because I have grown. It grew with me – getting better every day just as I strived to.

Never in a million years did I expect that to happen to this blog in just one year.

I am so grateful for the Lean Lena community, for all the inspiration you guys bring into my life.

Every one of you.

THANK YOU for that and for supporting this blog in 2014.

Here’s to a wonderful 2015 and great things that are going to happen to all of us in it!

Happy New Year!



  1. Congratulations on getting certified as a spin instructor, that’s awesome!

  2. Pull ups are pretty killer. Used to be able to do them a few years back but not so much anymore. Glad you found your runner’s high-it’s great isn’t it?
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Best of Meatless Monday~2014My Profile

  3. Oh my gosh…. Congratulations, this was a very accomplished year for you!!!
    Side note… I can’t do a push-up to save my life!


  4. Nailed pushups a long time ago…I can knock out 20+ after a good warm up. Pull ups is a whole different animal! Congrats on the instructor certification. I want to get my yoga cert. after I fully retire. I pretty much finished everything I set out to accomplish-but “downsized” my last triathlon to sprint from olympic distance as I was just pooped from a week of working too much! Happy 2015 to you!
    cheryl recently posted…Do you? Would you?My Profile

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