Breakfast: 7 Ideas for 7 Days


Hey guys! Happy Tasty Tuesday!

Let’s talk breakfast today, shall we?

Most of my life I was NOT a breakfast person – I could not down anything other than a couple cups of coffee before 10 AM. That was particularly a struggle when I had to stay at my grandma’s or my mom’s house. Those two ladies take breakfasts to a whole new level, but that’s a topic for a whole post in itself. 🙂

My relationship with breakfast has transformed over the years. It first started when I was trying to loose weight and learned about the importance of NOT skipping meals. Once I nailed the morning food intake possibility in general, it was easy to slip off to pancakes and maple syrup. So I did. And had to start watching it again because, naturally, pancakes every morning will pack those pounds pretty quickly.

I know morning is not the easiest time for most families/individuals for various reasons. So I thought I’d make your life a little easier and give you 7 ideas for your next 7 breakfasts. And no – pancakes are banished from the list. Ready? 🙂

Breakfast: 7 Ideas for 7 Days


“Here we go again”, you think opening your eyes on Monday morning. You stayed up way later than you were planning to, didn’t really feel like getting ready for the morning rush so just went to bed. Let’s wonder to the fridge to see if you have some eggs and a few veggies.

Because if you do, it’ll take you 10 minutes to make an omelet. Do I see some leftover chicken? Throw it in, too!


How to: sauté some vegetables, throw in the chicken. Meanwhile, whisk up eggs (2 per person) and milk (about 1/2 cup per person), pour over vegetables and chicken, cover up, reduce heat to Low and go blow dry your hair. When you’re done – the omelet will be ready for you!


Alarm goes off and it feels like Monday. No, it’s Tuesday. You’re one day closer to Friday. Now get up and go on to that fridge inspection again. Find a banana, some peanut butter or cream cheese, some berries and nuts, and a piece of bread or a bagel. Make an open face breakfast sandwich and throw in a piece of fruit on the side – BAM! Tuesday morning has been successfully survived.



Smile! It’s Hump Day 🙂

Now let’s go see what you got from the store last night.

Oatmeal! Perfect 🙂 Takes 2 minutes to make in a microwave. Throw in some peach slices, cinnamon and a handful of chocolate chips if you so desire (or skip if you don’t) and you’re all set!



Oh here’s that pre-Friday smile! Let’s see what we got there food-wise.

Did you know that hardboiled eggs take just 5 minutes to make? So put a small pot with water on the stove, throw in a couple of eggs, bring to boil, turn the heat off and leave the pot on the stove.

Your eggs will be ready by the time you’re done drying your hair. Use those eggs with some deli meat and greens to make a breakfast sandwich! Add some fruit of berries on the side.



TGIF! We should celebrate!

How about with a breakfast smoothie? Since my Whole30, I’m not a big fan of fruit smoothies in the morning, but who said you can’t have a green smoothie with some kale, spinach a frozen banana and a splash of coconut water? I like adding a 1/4 avocado in, too – for some creaminess.



Finally – a little more time in the morning. Quesadillas? Sounds perfect – throw in whatever you have in the fridge with the guidelines of this recipe.

breakfast quesadilla


Pull those last couple eggs out of the fridge and hard boil them. Got a sweet potato? Microwave it for a couple minutes, then heat some coconut oil in a small pan and sear them for a couple minutes. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve with some fruit on the side.

food awards

And done! You’ve had yourself a week of healthy and nutritious breakfasts.

If you wish to be a little bit more prepared – here’s the shopping list that covers all the items in the 7 breakfasts: Shopping List

Your turn!

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Before you link away, remember to visit my co-hostess Jennifer over at A Hungry Runner to see if she’s cooking something yummy today.

Eat well, my friends, and have a wonderful week!


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  1. I’m not a big breakfast person so I usually make egg casseroles, omelets and such for dinner. I love it all later in the day!
    Andrea recently posted…Lately Around BaltimoreMy Profile

  2. I love breakfast food too! Omelets are my go to and that quesadilla looks good too
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein BarsMy Profile

  3. Great breakfast ideas! Eggs never seem to be quick for me in the mornings but I’m all about the oatmeal and open face breakfast sandwiches. Avocado toast works well for me too. Just smoosh some avocado on the toast, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and good to go.
    Chaitali recently posted…Wine and Dine Half Marathon training – week 15My Profile

  4. I love breakfast! I love the idea of the open-face sandwich, too. YUM! I like smushing avocado on toast and topping with sliced cucumber and maybe a sprinkle of cayenne. YUM! And, I never would have thought of pears in oatmeal. What have I been missing out on?
    Jennifer @ A Hungry Runner recently posted…Apple Cobbler with Cinnamon Sugar BiscuitsMy Profile

  5. Yum Lena! I’m a big eater when it comes to breakfast and I even eat it when I’m not feeling hungry. I know the importance of it and I always make an effort to get something down me first thing. My breakfasts have been getting a little stale lately (oats, banana, and raisins every morning) and your recipes are the perfect inspiration.
    Jamie recently posted…What to Expect From Beginner Boxing ClassesMy Profile

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