Hill Repeats: Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

hill repeats

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Programs to Help New Indoor Cycling Instructors

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday to you!

Today’s post is indoor cycling related, but it is not your regular indoor cycling class profile. It’s something new. And different. And exciting!

Lean Lena is launching two new programs for indoor cycling instructors.

I have created both these programs to help new indoor cycling instructors who just recently got certified and have more questions than answers, and could use some help from someone who has been in their shoes not so long ago.

Without further ado… Introducing…

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Creating Indoor Cycling Class Profile in 5 Steps

So it’s that time again.

You’re a new (or not so new) indoor cycling or Spinning® instructor, your next class is coming up and you need to put together a profile for it. Use these 5 steps to guide you through creating Indoor Cycling Class Profile of any format you can possibly need.

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5 Mistakes New Indoor Cycling Instructors Can Avoid

Are you a new indoor cycling instructor?

If you’re still getting nervousness butterflies in your stomach every time you have to teach a class, this post is for you.

We were all newbies once (and some of us still are). There we were out of our instructor orientation/training thinking we were ready to go out there and rock the world of those indoor cyclists.

A few classes later we had more questions than answers, one above all:

Why didn’t they teach me this in instructor training?!

Well, because it is impossible to teach you everything in the time spent on instructor orientation training by major indoor cycling certification entities. Even if they spent more time on training, it would still be impossible to cover everything you need to know, to go over every possible scenario you will encounter in your class, every possible shade of crazy and weird you are going to see, and every possible question you are going to be asked.

You teach and learn.

But there’s something I thought I could do to help you out.

I asked my fellow indoor cycling and Spinning® instructors what were the mistakes they had made when they first started teaching, and what would they have changed if they could go back in time to when they first started.

new indoor cycling instructor

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5 Strategies to Promote a New Cycling Class

I was recently asked for advice by one of my Twitter friends – how to get more people to come to their new Indoor Cycling/Spinning® class they just took over.

It got me thinking… What would I do to promote my new class? What HAVE I done to promote my classes?

You guys know that I’ve been a long time sub for Jim’s Monday class over the summer, and I just got my own class that I teach on Sundays at 2:30 PM.

So how did I get people to come to my new classes?

Here are some strategies to consider: things I did/wanted to do and what I think worked for me in promoting my new classes.

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