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The most frequently asked question by my Mentorship Program participants is what do I use in my Indoor Cycling classes to have my playlist/notes in front of me? Because the bikes at the locations I teach at don’t have a really good place to keep my phone/notes I had to “re-invent the wheel” so ClickGo came along!

First, back when I wrote the post about 5 Things I don’t Teach My Classes Without I found JOBY Gorillapod – a flexible tripod I used to use to attach my phone to the handle bars.

For a while it worked great for me but with time I started noticing the negative effects of sweat on my phone screen. Not being a big fan of screen protectors the rest of the time, I figured it was a good idea to have something to protect my phone screen from sweat when I’m teaching.

Just as life would have it, when you’re looking for something – it often finds you. So ClickGo systems found me.

ClickGo: a Place for Your Phone on the Handlebars

Basically, this product line consist of a protective zip-up phone case/pouch that has a quick release attachment system in the back.


This phone case is included in a whole variety of products depending on your needs:  ClickGo Sports Running Armband – so you don’t have to twist your neck and arm anymore to change playlist/song while running – just unclip the phone case from the armband!


ClickGo Sports Running Belt works the same way and would be awesome for hiking and/or trail running.

You can watch this video about other ClickGo products.

The gem that I found for myself is this awesome ClickGo Bike/Stroller Mount!


The clip part of the system fits PERFECTLY onto my indoor bike’s handlebars, is a breeze to attach and I love being able to easily unclip the phone during class if I need to walk around with my phone in my hand controlling my music wirelessly. If you’re using a cord – ClickGo Phone Pouch has a cut-out for the cord! Plus you still have the touch screen access while the phone is in the case; and when I say “touch screen access”, I MEAN it – it doesn’t take you a 1000 taps of your finger through the case to do something you normally can do with one.


If someone in class needs my help and I need to go over to them and still be able to keep track of my cues in Class Builder App on my phone screen – ClickGo is awesome! Just unclip it and off you go to teach off the bike.


This past weekend we were at our annual 30K Race, Ride, Run, Ramble event and I had a chance to try ClickGo bike mount and phone pouch on my outdoor bike. Fit right on!


After the ride, when I looked at how much trail dust I had on the ClickGo pouch I was happy I had something to cover my phone to protect it while still having it at my fingertips! And again: you just can’t beat the ease and convenience of clipping/unclipping the phone from the mount!

Talk to me: what do you use to hold your music streaming device while you teach your indoor cycling/Spinning® class? Would you give ClickGo a try?

Have an amazing weekend, guys, and ride on!


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