Metabolic Blast TRX Workout – Denise – 30 Minutes

Metabolic Blast TRX Workout is what I called this one – simply because it will get your system going – it is that challenging and that fun to work through.

metabolic blast trx workout

Hey guys! TGIF!

So, I had to miss TRX Thursday this week, but worry not – we’re going to have a TRX Friday here instead 🙂

With 4 classes a week just in TRX it’s hard to choose which class to share with you most of the time. This week however, I have no doubts. My Wednesday morning class left my tough crew spent and sore for days.

Most of the credit for this routine goes to TRX Training as I took this workout they recently posted as a base for this class and just modified it a little bit to fit my 30 minute class format.

30 Minute Metabolic Blast TRX Workout – Denise

So, before we dive into this horror of a workout, here are a few of my most favorite exercises from this one.

Atomic Push Up

A regular push up down on the floor can be quite a challenge for many. As pretty much ANY exercise in this routine – this one can be done on the floor (with knees down in this case). I always tell my class I would rather see those knees down than a compromised form. Start right. Then – progress. So, always-always-always – offer modification options. For this one, Level 1 would be with toes in TRX, perform a push up with knees down on the floor, then lift up to plank, return to knees down and repeat. For level 2 – add that crunch after plank, but still return to hands and knees for the push up part.

TRX Burpee

This is another advanced exercise that you have to work on getting to. “Earn your progression”. Once again, advise your students to modify. Starting with burpees on the ground is always a good option. The video above gives a wonderful sequence to “get there” with TRX burpee.

TRX Force app has an absolutely superb collection of videos of TRX exercises with levels of progression. It’s pricey if you buy full package but totally worth it!

Here’s a little word on how the class is structured:

4 minute warm up. You will see the file with this Metabolic Blast TRX Workout at the end of the post. The warm up section includes several sample warm up exercises – feel free to switch them up or do your own.

The main part of the class consists of 2 rounds. Each round consists of 7 exercises – these are the same for both rounds. Each exercise is performed for 60 seconds with a 30 second break in between exercises and a 60 second break between the rounds.

Cool down – 4 minutes of stretches and cool down exercises.

How to time all that and not go insane?

Here’s the app I use:

And there you have it, guys!

Download your free .pdf of this workout and enjoy your sweat fest: Metabolic Blast TRX Workout – 30 minutes – Denise

Enjoy your weekend and be strong.


Pick up a few essentials I use for teaching my TRX classes and for my own training:



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