Playlist and Cycling Class Profile: Now and Then

This cycling class profile has a playlist featuring good old tunes right alongside the latest hits topping the charts. With a challenging routine this is a perfect class for any audience.

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Hey guys! Happy New Playlist ūüôā and Cycling Class Profile!

This one is more about music than it is about anything else. Every now and then I do that – focus on music a little more than I normally do/should. Results are usually a good success with my classes as everyone can find something on the playlist that they enjoy. On this playlist you will see the good old songs followed immediately by the latest hits of our days. I like this playlist – I think it’s a good mash up and creates an excellent atmosphere in class of everybody being welcome regardless of their age and musical taste.

I taught it again this past Monday and I got a lot of compliments!

Playlist and Cycling Class Profile: Now and Then

Class Duration: 47:19

So here’s this playlist I keep talking about:

You can download a .PDF I exported from the Class Builder app for this ride right here: Ride 40 – Now & Then

Don’t forget to open my Class Builder App Glossary page so you can decode my notes below ūüôā

1: “Dream Lover”, Bobby Darin¬† – Warm up alternating Seated/Standing flat.
2: “Happy”,¬†Pharrell Williams¬†– Continue to warm up seated. Choose the base line cadence, then accelerate by 5RPM. Slow back down, add a little bit more resistance and come out of the saddle holding the pace you had seated. Return to the saddle and accelerate by 5RPM.¬†Return to base line cadence and repeat.
3: “Fever”, Peggy Lee – add moderate resistance in the beginning of this segment, continue to climb seated adding resistance two more times. Transition to standing climb at 2:36 till the end of this song increasing cadence by 2-5 RPM.
4: “Uma Thurman”, Fall Out Boy – decrease resistance back to moderate (as in the beginning of the previous segment). Alternate standing climb at a comfortable pace (this is a “take it easy” part)¬†and seated accelerations (this is “the push” as far as the effort goes).
5: “The Best”,¬†Tina Turner¬†– increase resistance to heavy and have your riders choose if they want to start climbing seated or standing. Have them switch 3 times during the segment (i.e. if they started seated they will be switching to standing, then back to seated, and will finish standing).
6: “Shake It Off”, Taylor Swift¬† – recover for 1 minute in the beginning of this segment. Find comfortable, “cruising” cadence”. Add 10 RPM to that cadence, return back to “cruising”, repeat. Make sure there is sufficient resistance to prevent¬†“bouncing” in the saddle during accelerations. Stay within the safe¬†cadence range of 80-110 RPM.
7: “Circle In the Sand”, Belinda Carlisle – return to that moderate hill and start your climb.¬† Continue adding resistance and switching to standing climb at marked times. At the end of the segment, return to the saddle and increase cadence by 2 RPM holding this faster pace for the last minute or so.
8: “Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)”, Mark Ronson – return to flat road, recover for about a minute. Add light resistance, alternate seated/standing flat adding resistance two more times in this segment (bringing it to moderate level).
9: “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”, ABBA¬†– return to flat road, recover for¬†a minute. Add moderate resistance back, alternate running with resistance and seated accelerations.
10: “Wild World”, Mr. Big – add resistance until you feel a heavy hill. Let your riders decide if they want to start their climb standing or seated. Switch¬†two times during this segment (seated to standing and standing to seated).
11: “Jailhouse Rock”, Elvis Presley – dial resistance back to flat road and find the base cadence that is easy to maintain. Alternate seated flat at comfortable cadence with accelerations by 5-10 RPM (10 seconds on/10 seconds off and 20 seconds on/20 seconds off). Make sure there is sufficient resistance to prevent¬†“bouncing” in the saddle during accelerations. Stay within the safe¬†cadence range of 80-110 RPM.
12: “The Phoenix”, Fall Out Boy¬†– add moderate to heavy resistance in the beginning of the segment. Perform 30 second sprints transitioning to a short standing run between the sprints to gain momentum for seated accelerations.
13: “What a Wonderful World (Single Version)”, Louis Armstrong – Recover and stretch off the bike.

And that is how it went this Monday, folks! Tell your friends about this cool playlist and ride:

As always – ride on and go get ’em today!



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