Programs to Help New Indoor Cycling Instructors

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday to you!

Today’s post is indoor cycling related, but it is not your regular indoor cycling class profile. It’s something new. And different. And exciting!

Lean Lena is launching two new programs for indoor cycling instructors.

I have created both these programs to help new indoor cycling instructors who just recently got certified and have more questions than answers, and could use some help from someone who has been in their shoes not so long ago.

Without further ado… Introducing…

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Indoor Cycling Class Profile Review Program

class profile review

I’ve launched this program in the beginning of September, 2015 exclusively for my blog subscribers and it’s been running “backstage” since then. I must say – I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you guys on your profiles and I’m extremely excited to let this program go public – hoping to meet more instructors and to help you as best I can.

What is the program all about?

To put it very short – you send me your indoor cycling class profile and playlist, I review it and get back to you with detailed comments and a revised profile. This program offers multiple packages of services, each providing more options than the other.

You have an option of not only getting your profile reviewed by me in writing, but also discuss the suggested changes with me on Skype/Phone and/or have me teach your class profile in one of my classes or ride it on my own.

It is a judgment free program. I will look at your profile and review it with respect each one of you equally deserves – regardless of your background or profile presentation.

You can expect as detailed of a review as my indoor cycling class profile descriptions are. No exceptions.

You can find more information about this program here.

Mentorship Program

programs to help new indoor cycling instructors

Do you struggle with simple questions you feel are too embarrassing to ask on public forums and instructor groups on Facebook?

Do you wish you could talk to a more experienced instructor and ask all those questions one-on-one?

Call me! Let’s talk and see if I can answer your questions or help you find the answers while you’re in the very beginning of your teaching career.

I will spend as much time with you as you need me to, answering your questions on Skype or any other audio call service.

Read more about this program here or Contact me to find out more about the Mentorship Program.

So that’s that, you guys.

Before I leave you here with this information, here’s a couple more notes:

If you’re my blog subscriber who received a discounted price offer from me in the beginning of the month and just didn’t get to participating yet – your discounted price is still good until October 1, 2015. Please, e-mail me to redeem it and for further instructions. And yes – you can purchase multiple reviews at the low price between now and October 1, 2015 and get them reviewed later. Because you ROCK and I appreciate the support you’ve given to this blog! 🙂

I’ve worked very hard to make these two programs available to you. I will continue working hard to help each and every one of you who comes to me as part of these two programs.

Please=please, share the news so more new instructors can find out about this program:

I look forward to helping you become a better instructor!



I am not a Master Instructor for any of the indoor cycling certification programs neither am I employed by one. The services described above are offered as a peer review only and do not constitute instruction and/or direction for action. Following the recommendations contained in the review is optional, and shall be at your discretion and at your own risk.

I am a certified Spinning® instructor and my reviews will be based on the guidelines of this certification program and their safety recommendations. Please, consider it before purchasing your review package.

All the information you share with me as part of the review process will remain confidential including but not limited to: your identity and contact information, the contents of your indoor cycling class profile and playlist, your place of work or class specific information. This information will not be shared or sold to any third party without your written consent. All the information and documentation exchanged during the review process shall be considered confidential by all parties involved.


  1. And that’s how you monetise your blog and expertise. Well done!
    izabela recently posted…8 Leg Exercises for #Indoorcycling InstructorsMy Profile

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the spinning world. As a ‘new’ instructor I found the amount of information available online overwhelming. When I stumbled across your site, I became a spinning SPONGE. Your class outlines, description of classes and varied taste in music & genres are awesome & have been an enourous help to me. Learning the ‘power of maintaining rpm’ (over gear increase only) has changed my spinning life!!! Keep up the great work 🙂

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