Running with C25K is Back – Workout Wednesday: Weekly Recap

Hey-hey guys!

Happy Hump Day to ya. How is your week going so far? Off to a good start?

I’m back here today as usual with my weekly exercise recap. The highlight this time – I’m back to running with C25K!

Here’s a day-by-day recap.


So last Wednesday I decided to go back to running with C25K. It’s been almost a month since last time I ran and I’m not quite sure why I stopped (silly me). Anyway, hubby had a business dinner that night and I had the evening all to myself and my run.

I took my phone, put on my Garmin and off I went.

Well, all my electronics decided to crap out on me that evening – C25K wouldn’t give me voice cues when to switch from walking to jogging and Garmin…well, I don’t quite understand what I see on the screen just yet, but I think it was tracking my laps. Need to read the manual.

At some point I said “what the heck” and just ran, then switched to walking when I got tired, and then went back to running again.

running with C25K

It felt great to be back!

No, not really. That run sucked actually. 🙂

After my previous post I bumped up my steps goal to 10 000 a day (it was 6 000 before). Well, I’m still not hitting my goal.

fitbit flex

But do you see what I did there? 🙂



Rest day. In all departments!

fitbit flex


Another session of running with C25K was in order, so I set off after work for it. This time, thankfully, all my electronics were complying and cooperating, so I managed to track my run properly and get my C25K to cue me in on what to do. Happy times!

running with c25k

Look at that improved pace! Holly momma mia!

Good steps that day, too:

fitbit flex


We had plans on Saturday, so I got up early to get my workout in before we had to leave. I hit the Y that morning for a killer cycling class with Johnny D. 🙂


Love-love-love the energy of John’s classes! He plays loud hard rock music, everybody is required to sing along and have fun, and we do! I came out of there drenched in sweat and charged up for the day!

After that we headed out to the Mt. Gretna Annual Outdoor Art Show where I got challenged by the food choices (more on that later in the week) and got lots of walking in!

running with c25k


Rest day. Food prep, cleaning, laundry and not so many steps.

fitbit flex


Well, you know what’s coming, folks 🙂 On Mondays I teach Indoor Cycling at the local YMCA.

This past Monday I had 1 brand new person in class, and 1 person who was completely new to cycling last time he came into my class (so wonderful to see them coming back!) – as well as my regular riders.

The playlist for the ride is posted here as usual – just look for the latest number 🙂

This class left me feeling very happy. I saw my students’ form improve, I saw them working hard to achieve their goals and I heard them sing along 🙂 What more does a teacher need?

indoor cycling

Pretty good steps that day:

fitbit flex


Rest day, not so many steps at all – mostly sitting on my butt at the office all day.

fitbit flex

And that’s my week, folks – pretty average!

A little bummed I didn’t get a single yoga class in this week, but such was my luck 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you had a nice and active week!




  1. Man, I’d love to take one of your classes! Great job on C25k and sticking with it even when the app wasn’t working. #wowlinkup
    Michele @ A Pace of Balance recently posted…Flip Belt ReviewMy Profile

  2. Good for you getting back to your program. Good luck and looking forward to watching your progress. Go get em girlfriend!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Do you Metronome? Should you?My Profile

  3. Great job on sticking with the run even when you electronics failed. I hate when that happens. I like numbers! But running with or without the cues is still great because you got up and moved anyway! #wowlinkup
    Katie recently posted…When Life Throws You Lemons, You Gotta Duck and WeaveMy Profile

  4. I see you had a pretty active workout week. I did C25K years ago and swear by it. It is awesome. #wowlinkup

    • Kinda average week, I miss my yoga 🙂
      When you’re doing C25K it’s hard to see the progress until you see something like I did the past week – a huge pace improvement. Until something like that happens it really feels like you’re just walking a little faster, not running 🙂

  5. Congrats on your run! You’ve definitely got an awesome watch to help you monitor your progress! Indoor cycling is so much fun…still not sure if I have the right form, but I always have a great time! #wowlinkup
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Birthday Weekend and RnR Philly Half Week 6 RecapMy Profile

    • Thank you, Janelle!
      If you’re not sure about the form – ask your instructor to watch you and give you feedback after one of the classes.
      Just ask them not to tell you at which of the classes they’ll be watching you so you ride naturally 🙂

  6. Wow! You’re always so inspiring! I definitely agree with Michele and I want to join your class 🙂 I have no idea how many steps I take, but I am really curious now – one of the benefits of living here in the Netherlands is that I walk evvverrrywhere even with a toddler along. The Dutch cycle a lot, but I just learned to at 24 and don’t feel comfortable strapping my kid on there with me, but they do that, too!
    Yuliya recently posted…Whole 30 WIAW #2: Spinach overload a berry smoothie recipe!My Profile

    • Thank you, Yuliya! Oh wouldn’t it be great to have a class consisting entirely from my blogging buddies from all over the states/world? 🙂 I would LOVE that!

  7. Way to get back on the C25K train and stick with it even after a “bad” run! #wowlinkup
    Amanda H recently posted…Nike Clearance Sale FindsMy Profile

  8. Wow…great improvement! C25K will always be a goodie
    Markita @ SweshFit recently posted…This Exercise vs. That One? What Excercises Should I Do? [Infographic]My Profile

  9. Congrats on getting back into running this week 🙂 You’re really making me miss teaching spin!!! Hope the C25K training continues to go well. #wowlinkup
    Catherine | Fit Armadillo recently posted…Asian Cilantro ChickenMy Profile

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