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Sharing a station based TRX class format today where groups of your students move from one station to the other in class. Challenging, fun and offering plenty of opportunity for students to interact with each other, this class format might just become your favorite!

station based trx class

Hey guys! Happy TRX Thursday on Lean Lena!

So I now teach four TRX classes a week – 3 of them are early in the morning and are 30 minutes long, and one of them is in the evening and is 45 minutes long.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my days for 30 minutes classes with the crew being pretty tough, as you know – these guys stay for TRX after CrossFit and they don’t mess around 🙂

Most of the time my morning classes are “on the clock” – where I have the Interval Timer App running on my phone for them to see and for me to keep track of the work/rest intervals.

I have recently declared my Friday class to be Freedom Friday.

You see, the problem with seeing the timer is that you mentally set yourself to only that long of an effort. Subconsciously, when the time’s running out you start slacking. Yes, yes, don’t object. I know you are.

So, with no timer in front of you – you have no idea “how much longer” and maintain a more consistent level of effort throughout the set.

Another issue with being “on the clock” is that my class doesn’t really get a chance to ask me questions about an exercise, and I don’t have that much time to explain something new unless I stop the timer.

So. Freedom Friday is a “No Clock Friday” essentially.

I talk and demonstrate more and we rush less.

So that’s what’s new and what you can expect from me in the near future as far as TRX workout plans go.

Today’s workout is not one of those though. It is timed. However, the format is a little different – it is not a Body Blast or a Circuit class. I set up 4 stations for each of the 4 rounds in this class. Depending on the number of TRX stations available at your facility and the number of your class participants you can vary the number of people per station as well as the variety of stations – I set up some that involved TRX work, as well as some that involved mat work.

So, I give you…

“Jennifer” – Station Based TRX Class Format

Warm up is our usual 4:30 routine with some basic movements to warm up the upper body, the lower body and core muscles.

There are 4 exercises in each round, and there is a separate station set up for each exercise. Each set is 1 minute long with 15 seconds allowed for transition between stations and a one minute break between the rounds to allow you to set up the next set of stations and explain exercises for each station.

I also made these little cards that I put next to each station to remind the participants what exercise they are supposed to do at each particular station. I’d then replace them with new once for every round.

station based TRX class

So, here’s how it works again:

Assign groups in the beginning of the class – in my case, I had one person per station, but if you have a bigger facility and bigger class numbers, you could assign several people to work at one station at one time.

Have your groups “lined up” at the station and start the timer. After the first set, have them switch stations (moving from station 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, from 3 to 4, and from 4 to 1 in my case).

When each group completed exercises in all stations, move on to Round 2, 3, etc..

Cool down – this time is a little shorter to fit my class time, but feel free to increase it or let your students continue cooling down after the class is over by doing some stretches they usually do.

As always, here are some of my favorites in this class.

Single Arm Power Pull

Wonderful exercise! Real blast for that core that keeps your body in a nice straight line.

Crow Pose

Another favorite of mine – recently released as part of TRX for Yoga, this is an excellent exercise to get you ready for that beautiful Bakasana (Crane or Crow Pose).

Here is Shauna Harrison explaining how it’s done:

Download your FREE class plan .pdf to print out and take along to your next class: TRX Stations – 30 minutes – Jennifer.

Have a great weekend, guys!


Pick up a few essentials I use for teaching my TRX classes and for my own training:



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