Total Body TRX Workout – Jenna

Total body TRX workout – just 30 minutes of hard work and you’re done! This workout incorporates different length intervals, quick warm up and longer cool down. Introducing… “Jenna”.

total body trx workout

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Two Round Body Blast TRX Workout – Lucy

two round body blast

Hey-hey guys! It’s been a while since we did a TRX Thursday here. Let’s do it!

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Lower Body TRX Workout – 30 Minutes – Wendy

Even though this class is mostly the lower body TRX workout, it has some challenging core exercises as well. Your students who are new to TRX as well as advanced level students can enjoy the variety of progressions in the lower body TRX workout.

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Upper Body Blast TRX Routine – 30 minutes – Sandie

Work on your upper body strength with this 30 minute upper body blast TRX routine!

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TRX Workout: 45 Minute Tabata Inspired Routine – Trent

Hey guys! How is your week going?

Mine’s been great so far – hubby is back from his business trip and everything is right in my world now 🙂

As you can see, I am back on my blogging schedule here and that means what? Yep, that means Thursdays are for TRX Workout posts!

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TRX Workout Routine – 45 Minute Body Blast – Jason

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TRX Class Plan: Miles – 45 Minutes

trx class plan

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TRX Tabata Style Class – 45 Minute – Michael

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TRX Workout Plan: Stella – 30 Minute Body Blast

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