Three Races: Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

With so many indoor cycling class formats these days being far-far away from riding a bicycle in real world on a real road, this class will bring you and your students back in check with the road. Nothing fancy, just three races to ride.

three races

Imagine, instead of one race to push yourself through, you got three races. Why? Because you can!

This ride was inspired by the class I took with Dennis Mellon during my recent trip to Denver, CO.

denver athletic club

It was my very first time riding on a Keiser bike (with power meter) AND with video as we don’t have either of those cool things at my YMCA.

denver athletic club

I would like to sincerely thank Dennis for this great experience and for welcoming me to his class! If you haven’t yet, you should totally check out his podcast – Dennis records his classes and shares them on iTunes!

You should follow Dennis on Twitter, too – he shares a lot of great information!

So I totally stole his idea of referring to sections of class as “races” and the powerful cover of “Stairway to Heaven” by Heart that he played in class 🙂

 Three Races: Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

Class Duration: 51:47

Here’s the playlist for the ride:

Class description:

1: “Tequila”, The Champs – Warm up. Start the warm up with single leg drills – switch at “tequila”. Describe the class design.

2: “Storm”, Vanessa-Mae – Race 1: your first race starts on a flat road. The first few minutes you weave your way through the crowd maintaining a steady cadence. About half way through this part, start increasing your cadence by 1-3 RPM’s at a time to break away from the crowd.

3: “Run Boy Run”, Woodkid – the majority of the racers are behind you now, but there are still riders ahead you need to catch up with. Come out of the saddle to get a little break, then get back down and accelerate.

4: “All In”, Lifehouse -now that you’ve caught up with the peloton, it’s time to bring your race pace into the game. This 3 minute section is what you trained for! Settle into your race pace passing other riders – one by one to cross that finish line.

5: “The Diva Dance”, Eric Serra – Recovery. Slow down, grab some water and get ready for the second race of the day.

6: “Trouble”, P!NK – Race 2: this one starts on a flat road but very quickly takes you up in the hills. Use this song to gradually load up the resistance trying to maintain the same cadence for as long as possible to break away from the crowd.

7: “Stairway to Heaven (Live At the Kennedy Center Honors) [With Jason Bonham]”, Heart – here comes the work! Add to heavy resistance to get your cadence down to 60-70 RPM. Come out of the saddle for a 2 minute standing climb then return to climb 2 minutes seated.  At 4:01 start jumps for 1:45. At 5:46 come up for a standing “attack” bringing that cadence up a few RPM’s. Hear those applause? That’s for you! Stay with it and finish going through the “tunnel of ovation” until this segment is over.

8: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, The Countdown Singers – Recover, hydrate, towel off and get ready for the third race of the day.

9: “When We Stand Together”, Nickelback – Race 3: this race is a mixed terrain. Start off with Standing Flat – this time trying to maintain the same cadence standing and seated as your break away strategy.

10: “Daredevil Descent”, Haik Naltchayan – starting with the flat road resistance still on your wheel from the previous section, use this song to load up that resistance gradually to get to the climb. Every resistance increase takes your cadence about 5 RPM down.

11: “Dream On”, Aerosmith – Standing Climb: use this part of the race to cover more distance. The last section left you at 65 RPM. See if you can bring that cadence up 1-5 RPM.

12: “Die Another Day”, Madonna – Final effort on this race. The resistance is heavy as the hill is steep. You still have some breakaways to do! Stay with your resistance, come up briefly to get some momentum, then sprint seated for 15 seconds.

13: “Sailing to Philadelphia”, Mark Knopfler – Cool down, recover, get off the bike and stretch. Congratulate your riders with completing 3 races in one day 🙂

Wanna know how to time all that without going crazy? Download Class Builder App by Cycling Fusion.

class builder app

Download your FREE .pdf from the Class Builder App for this class profile: Ride 48 – Three Races

That’s it for today, my dear cyclists! Please, share:

Have a wonderful week and ride on.


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  1. CARLA g says:

    I took both of my Tuesday classes through the 3 Races profile this week. They loved/hated it … It was one of the best classes ever, but MAN were they tired after. So was I. Had to take a nap before I could teach it a second time. Great profile! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Carla, thanks so much for trying my class profiles and for your feedback! I love hearing that my classes worked for other instructors! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by 🙂

  2. Love the idea. And the Led Zeppelin cover is one of my favourite versions ever 🙂

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