TRX Circuit – Mary – 30 Minutes

TRX circuit

Hey guys! TGIF!

Even though I missed the official TRX Thursday yesterday, I decided to share a TRX Circuit workout with you today anyway, so it’s TRX Friday.

This one is a classic TRX circuit as you will see from the outline below and from the class plan .pdf attached later in the post.

TRX Circuit – Mary – 30 Minutes

Warmup – 6:30 minutes long. I didn’t time the intervals for this one, just listed the exercises.

Main part of the workout consists of 3 rounds: Core, Lower Body and Upper Body each ending with a cardio exercise of student’s choice and a 75 second rest. Feel free to switch those around – my class specifically requests to start with the core exercises.

Cool Down is also 6:30 long and sets are not timed individually – going for 30 seconds each or thereabouts.

If you’re using the Interval Timer App like I do, your screen with this routine will look like this:

TRX circuit

Here’s my favorite exercise of this workout – Single Handed Bicep Curl:

trx circuit

You can try it either with the stance as shown in the picture above or offset (the foot facing the anchor will be in front of the foot further away from the anchor point) to keep the hips square to the front.

I used this playlist for this TRX Circuit class (follow me on Spotify for more playlists):

You can download your class .pdf right here: TRX Circuit Mary – 30 min.

There! All ready to go rock that TRX circuit workout on your own or teach your class.

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Have an awesome weekend and stay fit.



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