TRX Lower Body Circuit – 30 Minutes

This TRX Lower Body Circuit is 30 minutes long – it will be over before you know it! It is also sure to leave those quads burning (tested on self). Try it today and see for yourself!

TRX Lower Body Circuit

Hey guys! TRX Thursday is here. As always, I’m sharing one of my TRX class plans – this time it is TRX Lower Body Circuit.

I taught this class yesterday morning and my class seemed to like it 🙂 Well, they were complaining, but seemed happy after it was over.

So, before class – this happened:

TRX lower body circuit

That’s yours truly getting upside down before 7:00 AM 🙂

On to our class though. This one is a TRX Lower Body Circuit. Since TRX Suspension Training is such an awesome program, it’s hard to single out exercises that would just target one muscle group. They all are so versatile and multi-beneficial. However…

TRX Lower Body Circuit – Leila – 30 Minutes

After the usual warm up routine, which is 6 minutes long in this class, we did 3 rounds of lower body exercises. Each exercise is 45 seconds long and there is a 15 second rest between them with 60 second rest at the end of the round.

Each round ends with a 45 minute cardio blast!

Cool down and stretch after the 3 rounds.

Here’s a sample playlist:

Here is my favorite exercise from this class:

If you teach TRX, watch those videos, guys. Every time I watch one made by TRXperts I learn something new. Something that helps me enhance my coaching and cues and helps my students achieve their fitness goals.

For this class, if you’re using the Interval Timer App, your screen will look like this:

TRX Lower Body Circuit

You can download your printable .PDF for this class here: TRX Lower Body Circuit Leila – 30 min.

And there you have it, guys! Please, share:

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Have an awesome weekend and stay fit.

Pick up a few essentials I use for teaching my TRX classes and for my own training:



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