TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo – 30 Minute Class Plan

trx tabata body blast combo

This TRX Tabata Body Blast combo class is a fusion of my two most favorite TRX class formats – Tabata style and Body Blast. Only 30 minutes long it provides enough challenge and progression options for both newbies and experienced TRX students.

Hey guys! TRX Thursday on Lean Lena is back after a short break.

Today I wanted to share my TRX Tabata Body Blast combo class plan that I’ve put together.

TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo – Carrie – 30 Minutes

Here’s the suggested Spotify playlist to use in your class (follow me on Spotify):

If you’re using Interval Timer to teach your classes or to train, here is what your routine would look like in the app:

TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo Carrie

Here’s the idea behind this TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo class:

The main part of the class (after the warm up) consists of 4 rounds (just like the Body Blast class format). However, instead of a series of exercises in each round of equal length, the first exercise in each round is performed “Tabata style” – with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest 4 times. Then you move on to the two  45 second intervals of 2 other exercises to finish your round.

My favorite exercise in this TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo is TRX T Deltoid Fly:

Here’s your printable .pdf for this class: TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo – 30 min – Carrie.

There! All ready to go rock that TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo workout on your own or teach your class.

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Have an awesome weekend, guys, and stay fit.

Pick up a few essentials I use for teaching my TRX classes and for my own training:



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