New Cycling Instructor Tips

New to teaching indoor cycling / Spinning®? So was I! I’m still learning and always will be – from every class I teach and every student who attends my classes.

Join me on this exciting journey!

Below are links to some posts I’ve written with tips for new indoor cycling/Spinning® instructors.


teach indoor cycling    new students in indoor cycling

promote your new cycling class    new cycling instructor

creating indoor cycling class profile

I hope you find these posts helpful.

If I can help you with anything, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or comment here on the blog. I’d be happy to help if I can.

If you’re still looking, check out the wonderful resources below for both new AND seasoned Indoor Cycling / Spinning® Instructors. – the creators of the original Spinning® Program, and the indoor cycling training program I am certified with.

Indoor Cycling Association is a membership service where you pay a certain fee to have access to hundreds of articles written by industry’s top experts! They are running a great promotion right now:

Enjoy the ride!


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