NYC Adventures – October 2013


Hey, guys! I hope you are having a great weekend!

I had a fun-fun weekend in NYC with my husband as part of our 2nd Wedding Anniversary celebration last week. As always – NYC was fun, bright, and full of life!

We decided to leave on Saturday morning this time – rather than rushing to the train station after work on Friday, spending 3.5 hours on the train and getting there exhausted. So we left on Saturday morning.


This time we stayed at the Night Hotel on the Times Square. It was a pretty good place to stay in NYC – great location, small rooms and extremely loud air conditioner 🙂 But, hey, it’s NYC – you spend most of the time walking around like crazy anyway so we didn’t really care. The rooms were clean, the service was great and the design was…well, see for yourself – I think it was very original and cool.

Ceiling and walls of the hotel bar

Ceiling and walls of the hotel bar

After we checked in, we went out looking for a place to have dinner and stumbled upon this great Italian restaurant on Times Square – Trattoria Dopo Teatro.


Such a cozy, warm interior design, too.

Photo credit -

Photo credit –

Oh. My. God. Their food was great!

Linguini ai frutti di mare

Linguini ai frutti di mare

After dinner we kept wandering around Times Square – a place of wonderful people doing magic tricks with their bodies 🙂

I need to show this to my yoga teacher...

I need to show this to my yoga teacher…




We ended up watching “Gravity” at the Regal on Times Square that night. Have you seen that movie yet? No??? Go buy tickets and see it right now! Preferably at an IMAX theater. It is pretty awesome – one of the best movies I’ve seen this year.

We walked a lot that day!


Next day we went to the 9/11 Memorial. I’ve always felt that I need to go to that place to pay my respects to people who died in that incredible tragedy.

You leave it speechless…




That day involved a lot of walking, too! I was so thankful for my Brooks Ghost 6!


To celebrate our anniversary we decided to go with the family tradition established last year and see a Broadway Show. Oh…I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Broadway! You tell me to pick out a show to see and I will feel like a kid in a toy store 🙂 Anyway, we decided on “Wicked” – and that was a great choice!

Just look at this happy girl :)

Just look at this happy girl 🙂

For a week straight I was singing “Defying Gravity” to myself all the time! What a great song!

After the show we went for dinner at the Irish Pub right across the street from our hotel. They had a band playing and the food was excellent!

Scallops and lobster rice

Scallops and lobster rice

And yes, I had desert too!


Crème Brulee

My husband made me take this picture, too – saying “that doesn’t happen very often that you eat the whole portion at a restaurant”


Next day we were soooooo tired, our legs were soooooo sore….so we decided to take it easy in the morning and stay in the neighborhood of our hotel. I found a bubble tea place nearby and we started off in the morning to go find it and have some bubble tea.

Found it!

Found it!

Mmmmm...just as good as I was told!

Mmmmm…just as good as I was told!

On the way back we ran into the Columbus Day Parade!



Are you sure we're not in Carlisle? :)

Are you sure we’re not in Carlisle? 🙂

After watching the parade for a bit, we headed over to the Consulate to get my new passport – that was quick and pretty uneventful – other than me being incredibly happy about being able to travel outside of the US now!

We did stop at Gina’s for lunch again though!

All too soon it was time to say god bye to New York and head back home…

We did another super day of walking that day and were really happy to get on the train and finally sit down!


Now back home, to work and to regular routines…But every time, there is a part of New York that comes back with me.

Just because I love that city so much…

Question of the Day: Where was your latest trip to?

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