TRX ® Instructor Training Recap

Hey guys! Happy Halloween Friday!

We had fun handing out candy last night 🙂


Scared a lot of kids with my green face 🙂


So, you might remember me mentioning my new fitness adventure a while ago 🙂

Getting certified as a TRX ® instructor that is!

Yep, that happened last weekend 🙂

I had to drive a couple hours to get to Rockville, MD for my training. I’m not very big on freeway driving – mostly because I don’t have to do that very often – my commute is about 10 minutes, so that part was causing me some anxiety, too. BUT I did it. 🙂

My training was scheduled for 9:00 AM on Sunday, October 26 at Prime Fitness in Rockville, MD. I got there about 8:10 AM and set out for a walk around since I had some time to kill.


Around 8:30 the owner of this awesome place and our master TRX ® instructor arrived to let us in and start the fun part of the day.

Prime Fitness is owned and run by Eric and Christy Giroux. Eric and Christy are a husband and wife team who have been training in the fitness industry for 15 years. Both have an extensive background and have a strong passion for helping people achieve more then they ever thought they could. Both of them are National Academy of Medicine Certified Personal Trainers.

You can tell this place was ready to kick our a$$ in some serious way that day!


And it did!

The training itself involved very little sitting, and a lot of moving. No desks/chairs – when we had to sit down and listen to Eric we’d just sit on the floor 🙂

The amount of information was really overwhelming.

We learned 6 TRX positions:


3 principles of progression:


And 6 TRX Sins 🙂


And SO much more!

I also met a whole bunch of AMAZING people!


I learned an amazing amount of stuff in just one day. Now to put it all on the right shelves in my brain and start using it.

The morning after the training it hurt to breathe 🙂 Also, drying my hair and holding up the blow dryer to my head was really challenging. 🙂

I teach my first TRX ® class next week on Wednesday at 6:45 AM at the Y, and I am terrified!

But I know I will be fine. Eventually 🙂

I love this workout and so glad I went out of my comfort zone to do this.

HUGE thanks to Eric for a super fun day at Prime Fitness. Make sure to check them out if you’re in DC area – this guy is an amazing professional!

So, talk to me: what fun fitness stuff did you do this week? Have you ever tried TRX?

Stay fit, friends, and have a great weekend!



  1. I would love to get certified to teach TRX…how do you find a location? Oh, yeah, did I mention I live overseas. 🙁

    • Hey Lena, my Y is wanting to bring TRX to our location. I am a group ex and cycling instructor. What course did you take for your cert? The functional course is the first available to me, then the suspension training, then the group training. Any advice? Thanks for your insight.

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