Hands-On Assists Made Easy

As a yogi who frequently takes classes from various studios and teachers, hands-on assists are often a sensitive subject for me. As a yoga teacher I find it just as challenging to offer hands-on assists to my students. Could this be made easier for both parties? Yes! Find out how.

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Hey guys! It’s Om Monday here on the blog and today I wanted to talk to you about hands-on assists.

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I usually feel comfortable with a teacher using hands-on assists even if it’s the first time I take their class. However, due to my active lifestyle and my occupation as a full time fitness instructor, some days I just am not feeling it. I may have pulled a muscle in one of my own classes or just come to practice to get my space and time for myself. Physical presence of another person in my space is not welcome on those days.

Here is the struggle: how do I tell the teacher I’m not comfortable receiving hands-on assists that day? That requires a perfect opportunity and some sort of explanation (at least in my mind), which I might not be comfortable giving.

Don’t you wish that teacher could read your mind and not adjust you on that day?

As a new yoga teacher I struggle every single time a situation comes up where I need to ask my students whether or not they are ok with hands-on assists during class. In a class with regulars it’s easier and becomes a struggle when you get new students.

A few reasons why that is a sensitive issue for me as a teacher:

Challenge #1 is: how do you ask? “Do you mind hands-on adjustments”? While that sounds fine to a “trained” ear it may not make much sense to someone brand new to yoga. Anyway, challenge #1 is to formulate that question in a polite and clear way.

Challenge #2 is putting people “on the spot” with that question once you formulate and ask it. A lot of people feel bad about saying “No” in general, to anything. Saying “No” to a yoga teacher approaching you with an offer to assist is even harder. So they say “Yes” and feel uncomfortable. And you feel uncomfortable because you saw the hesitation in their eyes, then they said “Yes” and left you wondering how they really felt.

Well, I am happy to report today that I have found the solution to all the challenges above – both for teachers and yogis.

Hands-On Assists Made Easy

It is a beautiful and amazing idea! Yoga Flip-Chip. Here’s what it looks like:

hands on assits

It solves the issue of how to ask/if to ask every time – entirely.

Step #1: Order a set of bamboo or canvas Yoga Flip-Chips for your studio:

hands-on assists in yoga

Step #2: Offer Yoga Flip-Chip to your clients when they come in or before class starts.

It will take just a minute to explain what it is and how it works. If they’d like to be assisted during class, they’ll put the Yoga Flip-Chip by their mat “ASSIST” side up. Change of heart? Don’t want to be touched today/at all? Flip your chip!

hands-on assits

While teaching your class and walking around the room, checking your students’ form in asana and offering hands-on assists, Yoga Flip-Chip is easy to spot by their side:

hands-on assits

Don’t you wish you had Yoga Flip-Chip handy next time YOU go to practice at your favorite studio as a student? Worry not! You can have your own to keep and your students can, too. It comes in a handy canvas pouch with adjustable strap that fits any mat.

hands-on assits in yoga

In addition to all that, every Yoga Flip-Chip comes with a recycled hangtag, which is full of wildflower seeds. Just moisten and plant under the surface of some soil, then water regularly and you got yourself some beautiful wild flowers!

yoga flipchip review

Yoga Flip-Chip definitely gets Lean Lena’s stamp of approval today 🙂

Approved Stamp

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Talk to me: do you enjoy hands-on assists in yoga classes you go to? Are you a teacher? Do you find it to be a struggle to offer them to your students?

Have a wonderful week, guys!



This post has been sponsored by Yoga Flip-Chip. All opinions expressed here are my own – I was not told what to say and how to say it.


  1. Great idea! This could reduce anxiety for teachers AND students!

  2. The instructors at my studio ask us to raise our hand at the beginning of class if we do not want to be assisted. We are all in childs pose so you can’t see what others do. The chip looks like a great idea though
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Better Than Tuna: Vegan White Bean Salad WrapsMy Profile

    • That’s what I used to do, too – and I still do sometimes in smaller classes. The thing is though – you still have to raise your hand. Not everybody’s up for that 🙂 And with bigger classes remembering who raised their hand and who didn’t gets a little trickier 🙂

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