Whole30 Days 11-20 Recap – What It Really Feels Like

Hey-hey! Happy Sunday, guys! Having a good weekend so far?

It’s time for my Whole30 Days 11-20 Recap.

This time, instead of showing you just what I ate day-by-day, I wanted to share more of how I felt during my Whole30 Days 11-20. And some things I ate, too 🙂

Here we go!

whole30 days 11-20

{The Miracle of Sleep}  So on day 11 this miracle happened:

whole30 days 11-20

This, my friends, is 7 hours and 12 minutes of uninterrupted sleep – 0 minutes awake, and 0 minutes restless.

Unless my Fitbit Flex was glitching on me, this is a biggie. I’ve always been a pretty sound sleeper. I’d wake up at night if something wakes me up (like crazy college students walking by and singing) and would have no problem going right back to sleep. When I got my Fitbit Flex and started tracking my sleep, I discovered that I’m generally restless for 8-15 minutes per night.

This is the very first time since I started tracking my sleep that I see 0 minutes awake AND 0 minutes restless on my screen in the morning.

Since that miracle night I was restless 12 minutes/night on average.

I guess that just means I’m moving in my sleep. Overall I sleep much better since I started the program!

{Taste Buds Revolution}

Food tastes differently. It tastes better.

What I noticed in particular though is that sweetness tastes almost overwhelmingly sweet. Example: made myself a mango-honeydew smoothie one morning and couldn’t finish it – it was SO sweet. Just mango and honeydew – nothing else.

Another example – I scored a pack of Larabars at Target for my pre/post-workout snacking.

whole30 days 11-20

Well, I can’t have those without a glass of water in my hand. Even though they have zero added sugar, I guess it’s dates that make them taste so incredibly sweet.

{Smoothie Addiction}

I used to make a fruit smoothie every morning. I’d never have it INSTEAD of breakfast, but I’d make one and bring it to work to “snack on” later. After reading It Starts With Food, that habit kind of stopped by itself.

Essentially fruit smoothies are “sugar bombs” you don’t really need in the morning, even though it is natural sugar, not artificial. Besides, if I had a good breakfast, I don’t need a snack until lunch anymore (I know, right? Unbelievable! Looks like the Snack Queen will have to retire). 🙂

I still enjoy smoothies though. Post-workout and with more and more of them being both vegetable and fruit based, with some nuts/seeds thrown in the mix as well.

whole30 days 11-20

{It’s Not Hard Anymore}

I feel like the habit is starting to form. I don’t have to remind myself (“oh, I can’t eat this”) any more about the things I can’t eat while a spoonful of what I can’t eat is already on its way to my mouth.

It’s gotten easier.

I have no cravings. At all. Never really have since Day 1.

It’s easy to make the right choice, and it is sad how hard it is to find a product to match your healthy choice (I had to run out the other night to get a can of a program-compliant coconut milk after I actually read what was in the can of coconut milk I had at home).

But making those choices has gotten a lot easier by day 20. And… I get to eat beautiful food!

whole30 days 11-20

{Counting Calories}

You guys know that my weight loss and, I should say, the whole fitness journey, started with counting calories. Well, I just removed both Lose it! and MyFitnessPal from my phone.

No more.

By the way, this is a biggie, too 🙂 Huge leap of faith there, Whole30 🙂

{Clothes Fit Differently. Some of them just FIT}

I just know I’m loosing weight/inches as I type this 🙂 And I feel wonderful!  ‘nough said, I think 🙂

And that’s how my Whole30 Days 11-20 went, guys!

Have a great rest of your Sunday, and don’t forget to check out what my buddy Yuliya is doing on her Whole30 over in the Netherlands! Spoiler alert: she posted some awesome recipes this past week that you definitely need to check out!



  1. So glad this is working so well for you. I haven’t tried it mostly bc I am a vegetarian and it is not really geared for that. I always thought smoothies in the morning were sugar explosions as well plus I was always hungry after them. I do better with eggs and toast. Congrats on your progress
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Friday Five-Fall Running PreviewMy Profile

    • Thank you, Deborah! They do have some guidelines for vegetarians and vegans, but I honestly can’t imagine what I would it if I was one and decided to take that program 🙂

  2. I am SO happy you’re feeling SO awesome Lena, your posts radiates positivity! As for My Fitness Pal, YAY FOR DELETING IT, cause I think my fitness pal is a foe, and not really your pal anyway. Calorie counting is silly, not all calories are the same, and numbers simply don’t matter if you’re fueling yourself with wholesome food!
    Amber recently posted…Enjoy Life – Crunchy Cookies ReviewMy Profile

    • I’ve been counting calories for over a year. It’s only when I stopped doing it (for the whole30) I realized how unhealthy of a relationship with food it created for me… It really helped me in the beginning, but I should have stopped doing that long time ago. Thank you for your support, Amber. I really appreciate it!

  3. Great job sticking with it! That food looks so good!

  4. This is very inspiring. I feel that cravings would do me in but maybe not from what you are experiencing! Good job!
    Andrea recently posted…National HarborMy Profile

    • Thank you, Andrea.
      I found that I have no cravings if I eat good reasonable size meals. I don’t crave anything or snack in between meals. So it’s doing something right in my body 🙂

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