Indoor Cycling Instructors: New Class Profile #45 – Inter-Modal

Class profile and playlist for indoor cycling instructors. This class is called “Inter-Modal” and incorporates almost all of the basic movements of the Spinning ® program. Challenging and demanding interval ride.

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Today I’m sharing a new cycling class profile and playlist for indoor cycling instructors.

I’ve had such an incredible response ever since I started sharing my class profiles and playlists with fellow indoor cycling instructors on this blog! I would like to thank every one of you for stopping by to check out this class profile and playlist, for your incredible response and feedback on Facebook and Twitter, and for supporting this blog!

Here’s yet another way for you to make your class work hard 🙂

Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist #45
for Indoor Cycling Instructors
adjective: inter-modal
involving two or more different modes of transportation in conveying goods.

This is an interval ride with one segment being repeated 4 times. Each segment consists of a Seated Climb (2 minutes), 1 minute recovery on a flat road, Standing Flat (3 minutes), 1 minute recovery on a flat road.

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Class Duration: 49:18

I built this class using the Class Builder App by Cycling Fusion.

Here’s a .pdf from that app – you can download it, print and take it to the next class with you or use to enter the profile into your Class Builder:

Ride 45 – Inter-Modal (L)

iTunes Playlist:

Class Notes:

Don’t forget to open my Class Builder App Glossary to decode the notes below.

1: “Happy (From “Despicable Me 2″)”, Pharrell Williams – Warm up. Nice and easy, flat road with very light resistance.
2: “I’m Outta Love”, Anastacia – continue warming up, but add a little more resistance to safely come out of the saddle to perform Seated/Standing Flat intervals.
3: “Go It Alone”, Beck – Alternate 30 seconds of standing climb with heavy resistance and 30 seconds of recovery on a flat road.
4: “Clocks (feat. Lang Lang)”, 2CELLOSInterval #1 begins with a Seated Climb for 3 minutes, followed by recovery on a flat road for 1 minute, then back to work with Standing Flat for 3 minutes (follows into the next song).
5: “Breathe”, The Prodigy – Continue Standing Flat for the first 1:22 of this song, then return to the saddle for active recovery. Interval #2 starts at 2:22 with Seated Climb.

6: “Closer (StoneBridge Club Remix)”, Ne-Yo – Recover on Seated Flat for 1 minute, transition to Standing Flat at 1:00 mark to work for the next 3 minutes, then return to Seated Flat at 4:00, and on to Interval #3 at 5:00 with a Seated Climb until the end of this song.
7: “Dog Days Are Over”, Florence + The Machine – return to Seated Flat to recover for 1 minute, then transition to Standing Flat at 1:17 till the end of this song.
8: “Die Another Day”, Madonna – Recover for 1 minute, then back to work to start Interval #4 with the Seated Climb at 1:11.
9: “Faded (Lior Magal Remix)”, Cascada – Recover on a Seated Flat for one minute, then back to work on a Standing Flat at 0:57. Return to Seated Flat for recovery at 4:00.
10: “Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)”, Gotye – Recover. Dismount and stretch off the bike.

And that’s the ride, guys 🙂 Spread the love:

Ride on!


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