6:4 Intervals – Indoor Cycling Class Profile

 Challenging and fun indoor cycling class profile with a playlist that will give your class a great intervals workout and will provide some insight into pedal stroke technique.

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Teach Cycling: Class Profile/Playlist – Roller Coaster

Need a profile and playlist to teach cycling class? Search no more! This class profile and playlist will have your riders coming back for more.

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Indoor Cycling Playlist and Class Profile – “1:20”

This indoor cycling playlist and class profile is an interval ride consisting of 6 working intervals followed by active recovery. Each drill in the interval is 1 minute and 20 seconds long.

indoor cycling playlist and class profile

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Playlist & Class Profile for Indoor Cycling: Doubles

This indoor cycling class profile and playlist sure is a double trouble! All the challenging parts of the class come in sets of 2!

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Climb Your Three Mountains: Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

Challenging class profile for your next Indoor Cycling or Spinning® class that will have your students climb three mountains, pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones and practicing self-discipline.


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Pyramid Class Profile for Indoor Cycling – RE: Covers

My toughest riders called this pyramid class profile hard! It is a solid hour of hard work – both on flats and up in the hills with just a few breaks for water and breath catching.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Ride

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Hills and Ladders – Indoor Cycling Class Profile

Hills and Ladders with varying intervals and fun tunes is what this ride is all about. Climb those steep hills then go right into another challenge with regular and reverse ladders drills.

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Spinning Class Routine and Playlist – Hills’n’Sprints

This Spinning class routine and playlist continues to be the most popular post on my blog and one of my classes’ most favorite rides. Challenging and fun at the same time. Can’t beat that! spinning class routine

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Teach Indoor Cycling: Hills and Runs

teach indoor cycling

Just climbs and runs – this simple to teach indoor cycling class profile will have your class focus on just these two drills, perfecting the form and exploring various cadence and resistance combinations.Continue Reading

Profile and Playlist for Indoor Cycling: Muscle Magic

Hey guys! Time to share another profile and playlist with you.

This week’s indoor cycling / Spinning® class profile and playlist is called “Muscle Magic”. It’s designed to build muscle endurance and strength – all by climbing those 4 hills I included into this 45 minute class.

I always enjoy both teaching it, and riding it with my class. I particularly like the playlist for this class – I think it created a great atmosphere  in class. Even my usual Chatty Betty’s were quiet climbing those hills 🙂

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Cycling Class Plan: Around the World

cycling class plan

This cycling class plan and playlist will take you on a trip around the world with the international music and a variety of terrain.

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Hill Repeats: Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

hill repeats

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Triple Crown – Indoor Cycling Class Profile

Find the Triple Crown winner in your class with this indoor cycling class profile – three big efforts, 3 hills to climb – all in 45 minutes.

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Indoor Cycling Profile: Mary-Go-Round

Going in circles doesn’t have to be boring. See for yourself with this indoor cycling profile.

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