Triple Crown – Indoor Cycling Class Profile

Find the Triple Crown winner in your class with this indoor cycling class profile – three big efforts, 3 hills to climb – all in 45 minutes.

triple crown

Hey guys! Today, we’re going to choose a Triple Crown winner in your class.

I love “triple efforts” in my classes (did you see the “Three Races” class profile? Highly recommend you check it out!) – mostly because there seems to be just the perfect amount of time to do 3 of them in a 45 minute class.

So this class profile is another way of performing 3 efforts in 45 minutes….and….possibly winning a Triple Crown ūüôā

Triple Crown – Indoor Cycling Class Profile

Here’s the Spotify Playlist ¬†for this ride (Click here to follow me on Spotify):

If you’re an iTunes kind of person, here’s the iTunes Playlist for the ride:

Class Notes:

1: “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), Shakira – Warm Up. Seated/Standing Flat intervals – gradually increase intensity with each¬†Standing Flat section¬†by increasing the pace.
2: “Ka-Ching! (Red)”, Shania Twain – Seated Climb. First gradient hill, stay at the upper threshold of the climbing speed range of 75-80 RPM increasing resistance 4 times and coming out of the saddle for a standing surge at the end of the segment.
3: “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Running intervals. Decreasing resistance gradually (total of 3 times) transition out of the saddle – first 2 times for Running with Resistance, the last time – for Standing Flat.
4: “Poker Face”, Fitness Nation – Rolling Hills. Add heavy resistance in the¬†beginning of the segment and climb seated for about 1 minute. Take resistance off all the way back to the flat¬†road level and pick up speed. Repeat.
5: “Fame¬† (from Fame)”, The Broadway Stars – Seated Flat Acceleration Intervals/Active Recovery.¬†Choose your¬†baseline cadence in the beginning of the segment. Perform accelerations by 10 RPM¬†– first for 15 seconds, then for 40 seconds, then¬†–¬†till the end of the segment.
6: “Time Machine”, Ingrid Michaelson – Building to the next Climb. In this section, we will build the resistance from the bottom of out hill, all the way to the last segment at the top so we can work on it in the next section of the ride.¬† For this segment, we will increase resistance 5 times coming up to stretch a little in the middle of the climb.
7: “Die Another Day”, Madonna – Seated/Standing Climb. Gotta earn that second crown! Without changing the heavy resistance we built in the previous section, we will transition between Seated and Standing Climb throughout the segment maintaining the cadence both seated and standing between 60 and 65 RPM.
8: “Sinner”, Andy Grammer – Recovery. Take the resistance off back to flat road level and recover for 1 minute. Then – switch between seated and standing flat to keep those legs warmed up. Accelerate slightly at the end of the segment.
9: “Jackpot”, Jocelyn Alice – Seated/Standing Climb. We’ll start climbing that final hill here. We will be increasing the resistance 3 times throughout the song, transitioning in and out of the saddle.
10: “All In”, Lifehouse – Team Sprints on Hill. Return to moderate resistance and divide class in 2 teams. Your teams will take turn sprinting on this moderate hill with 2 recoveries and a sprint by both teams together¬†at the end.
11: “Bring Me To Life”, Evanescence – Final Climb:¬†recover on a flat road in the beginning of the segment for 50 seconds, then add the resistance back. Alternate Running¬†with Resistance and Seated Climb, adding resistance each time before returning to the saddle. At 2:17, return to the saddle and maintain the speed you had standing, at 2:38 – return to Running with Resistance maintaining the same cadence. At 2:58 return to the saddle and see if you can bring up the cadence by at least 2 RPM and hold it till the end.
12: “The Finish Line”, Train – Cool Down and stretch off the bike.

Download your .pdf from the Class Builder App here: Ride 23 – Triple Crown

And that’s how it went, my dear cyclists!

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Do let me know in comments if you use this to teach your indoor cycling class and how it works for you!

Have a wonderful week and remember to check back for more indoor cycling teaching ideas next Wednesday!



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  1. Great post, amazing tutorial, truly very inspiring, I love it especially waka waka song. Thank you for sharing, absolutely worth a lot to visit this blog!!!


  2. Thanks, I’m going to ride this in my class today! A question: is it possible to get your class builder info into my class builder app? I love using class builder but it takes so much time to load it all into my phone… I must be doing it wrong, but I don’t find it to be a time saver at all… Thanks again!

  3. Terrance says:

    Thank you for these examples. I was wondering if there was a way to download a profile directly into the class builder app? I use the app and love it.

    • Hi Terrance! I’m so glad you found this blog helpful! Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way that works to upload files to CB ūüôĀ

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