6:4 Intervals – Indoor Cycling Class Profile

 Challenging and fun indoor cycling class profile with a playlist that will give your class a great intervals workout and will provide some insight into pedal stroke technique.


Hey guys! Long time mo post 🙂 Well, it’s been a long time without a new ride in my world. I’ve been busy-busy-busy – teaching cycling, TRX and now Yoga.

So this past Sunday I decided to take some time and create a new ride and a playlist. I used one of the profiles by Jennifer Ward as an inspiration for this one. You can find it in the Spinning Ride Book, Vol. 2 under the title “Burn”. I used the concept and added my music and modified the structure slightly.

Indoor Cycling Interval Ride: 6:4 Intervals

Idea behind the ride: the warm up of the ride is focused on working with your class on some pedal stroke efficiency drills. I have recently found this great article by Joe Friel with a few great drills. For this class, I used single leg drills (with both feet in cradles/clipped in), the toe touch drill and the concept of unweighting the pedal on the recovery side that Joe talks about in his article.

The ride itself has 4 intervals: each interval consisting of a 6-7 minute climb with a 15 second sprint at the end of it and a 3-4 minute recovery afterwards (hence the class name).

I also used this awesome graphic and article to get ready to talk about the pedal stroke efficiency in class (click on “Image Source” link below to read the article):

Playlists: this one is tricky for this ride. I usually post a Spotify and an iTunes playlists, but for this class I used a lot of songs from the 2 Spinning® CD’s: Vol. 20, Unstoppable and Vol. 21, Eau D’Energie II. These tracks are not on Spotify or iTunes, but you can substitute them with anything you like. I highlighted the tracks from the CD’s in green below.

Ride Notes:

1: “Emanuel Fontaine 3”, Unstoppable (Sounds Survivors)Warm Up. Explain the ride while the class warms up at 80-110 RPM on an easy Seated Flat road. Work on the pedal stroke efficiency drills described above or any other ones you like.
2: “Crystallize”, Lindsey Stirling – start getting the heart rate up by working on a Standing Flat for 2 minutes, Seated Climb for a minute and then recover on a Seated Flat for the rest of the song.
3: “Seven Seas 6”, Unstoppable (Sounds Survivors)Interval 1 begins with a 5:45 Standing Climb at 75-80 RPM. Finish the climb with a 15 second all out Standing Sprint. Recover for the rest of the segment.
4: “Seven Seas-Clocs 9”, Unstoppable (Sounds Survivors) – continue recovery until 1:21 in the segment, then begin Interval 2: this time start with a Seated Climb at 70-75 RPM. At 3:21 add resistance and transition to Standing Climb with the same pace. At 7:06 – return to the saddle and Sprint for 15 seconds.
5: “Kinks Shirt”, Matt NathansonRecover.
6: “Sweet Soul Sister”, The Cult – Interval 3: Climb out of the saddle at 65-70 RPM, then sprint standing the last 15 seconds of the climb.
7: “Teahupo’O”, The Deadlies Recover.
8: “Stairway to Heaven (Live At the Kennedy Center Honors) [With Jason Bonham]”, HeartInterval 4: Final Climb. I gave my class the option of choosing how they wanted to climb their last hill – seated or standing, and encouraged them to switch it up during the longest climb of the class and keep it at a challenging cadence of 60-65 RPM with heavy resistance. We all finished with a 15 second Standing Sprint.
9: “Eveline Green12”, Unstoppable (Sounds Survivors)Cool down and stretch off the bike.

Here’s a .pdf from the Class Builder app: Ride 61 – 6_4 Intervals.

And that’s it, guys. Have a great week and ride on!



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  1. Hey there, Lean Lena,

    Really cool concept with combining a traditional spin-type class with specific cycling adaptations! I’m liking how you’re taking the science behind training and applying it to a spin class, combining with music and such. Great way to bring those necessary training adaptations to the masses.

    If you ever need a mind to bounce ideas off of, feel free to shoot me an email. And of course, thanks for the link and referral!

    -Coach Rob

    • Hi Rob. Thank you for stopping by Lean Lena and for your kind offer of help! I really appreciate your great website, the hard work you put into it, and sharing your knowledge. Thank you!
      To me, indoor came after outdoor – my indoor rides will always be true to the real road outside.
      All the best, Lena.

  2. Hi Lena,

    I have been trying to locate the Spinning® CDs and have had no luck. Do you have suggestions for substitute songs?


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