Pyramid Class Profile for Indoor Cycling – RE: Covers

My toughest riders called this pyramid class profile hard! It is a solid hour of hard work – both on flats and up in the hills with just a few breaks for water and breath catching.


I’ve been contemplating this class for a long-long time! See, the thing is, I really like some covers of the good old songs. Some I like even better than originals šŸ™‚

So when I accumulated enough of those I put them all in a playlist.

Before all that happened, I started contemplatingĀ a pyramid class profile.

At some point these two just came together – the pyramid class profile and the playlist consisting of all cover versions of famous songs.

See what came out of it.

Pyramid Class Profile and Playlist for Indoor CyclingĀ 
RE: Covers

Class duration: 57:16

Here’s the playlist:

Before we go to the class notes segment-by-segment, here’s what my pyramid looked like:

pyramid class profile

As you can see, there are 3 steps up the pyramid, one at the top, and 3 steps down.

Going up the pyramid the time for each drill increases, but we drop one drill at each step (5-4-3-2). One the way down the time decreases but the number of drills goes back up adding one after each step.

Pretty easy šŸ™‚ Grab your FREEĀ .pdf of the image above here to print for the class.

I built this class profileĀ in Class Builder app. If you use it too, here’s a link to the class description .pdf from the app: Ride 47 – RE-Covers

Before you dive into notes below, it might be a good idea to have my Class Builder app glossary open in another tab in case you have terminology questions.

Now you’re all set!

Class Notes:

1: “Hey Jude (130 Bpm)”, James PerroneĀ Warm up: settle into a nice and easy pace with light resistance anywhere between 80Ā and 110 RPM. Make sure that resistance is just comfortable – imitating a flat road. Explain the ride andĀ set the goals for the class. NOTE: between the time I bought this song on iTunes and the time I wrote this post – it disappeared from iTunes. It is not included in the playlist above for that very reason. It is 4:48 long. Feel free to use any other cover for the warm up section.
2: “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”, Britney SpearsĀ Step 1 of the pyramid starts: Seated Climb for 1:15, then add resistance and transition to Standing Climb for 1:15, add more resistance and start Jumps on the Hill for 1:15 (will run into the next song).
3: “Beat It (feat. John Mayer)”, Fall Out BoyĀ – as the pace changes,Ā cue your class to increase the pace on Jumps. Remind them to do the Jumps for at least the count of 4 (pedal strokes) and at their own pace. atĀ 0:35, dial resistance back and transitionĀ to Standing Flat (HP2) for 1:15, at 2:00 switch to seated flat (either recover or maintain challenging pace to continue working). At 3:05 – add resistance for the 1:45 long Seated Climb marking the beginning of Step 2 of the pyramid.
4: “Fever”, MadonnaĀ – continue Seated Climb, switch to standing at 1:12 for another 1:45. At 2:47 add resistance and start Jumps on the Hill for 1:45. At 4:42 – start the final drill of this step – Standing Flat – by dialing back the resistance and transitioning to HP2.
5: “16 Tons”, Robbie Williams – finish off the last drill of Step 2. At 1:27, dial the resistance back for the first drill of Step 3 – Seated Climb for 2:15.
6: “Stand By Me”, SealĀ – stay with your Seated Climb for another minute, then transition to Standing Climb for 2:15. At 3:11 add resistance and startĀ Jumps on the Hill for the next 2:15 (will run into next song).
7: “The Unforgiven (Instrumental Version)”, ApocalypticaĀ – continue Jumps. At 1:34 start the top step of the Pyramid with a 2:30 Seated Climb. At 4:04 switch toĀ Standing Climb.
8: “Thunderstruck”, 2CELLOS – continue Standing Climb. At 1:11 dial the resistance back to flat road – we’re starting down the Pyramid. Either recover of this Seated Flat for 2:15 or combine recovery and some speed work. Transition to Standing Flat at 3:26 until the end of this song.

9: “In a Gadda Da Vida”, Yat-Kha – start this step of the pyramid with Jumps – once again, minimum of 4 counts, at your own pace. Return toĀ Seated Flat at 2:15 for anotherĀ 1:45 (going down another step of this pyramid class profile).
10: “Physical (Glee Cast Version) [feat. Olivia Newton-John]” – start with Standing Flat for 1:45 then transition to JumpsĀ – this time not on a hill, stay on flat road. Continue until theĀ end of the song.
11: “Back in Black”, Anastacia – time to get back to climbing! Start the 1:45 Seated Climb at the beginning to finish this step of the pyramid. To start the final step of this pyramid class profile, take off the resistance and transition toĀ Seated Flat for 1:15, then Standing Flat for another 1:15. At 4:15 start Jumps (not on hill) and continue into the next musical segment.
12: “We Will Rock You”, Five – back in the hills we go with the final climb of the class. Start with 1:15 on the Seated Climb – heaviest resistance yet, then transition to Standing Climb.
13: “Smooth Criminal”, Alien Ant Farm – stay on your Standing Climb for the first :34 seconds of this song, then dial resistance back, return to the saddle and race to the finish line of this challenging ride! Make sure that resistance is sufficient to not bounce in the saddle as your RPM’sĀ go up. It is the final effort of the class and even though it is onĀ a flat road, it doesn’t come easy afterĀ what the class has just accomplished. Cue your riders toĀ keep up their efforts for this last segment and finish strong.
14: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, The TemptationsCool down. It was a long and quite and intense ride you just finished. Make sure your riders spend this segment of the class in the saddle, cooling down and brining down their heart rates.
15: “Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version)”, Glee Cast – dismount the bike and stretch.

So that’s that, my dear in- and outdoor cyclists šŸ™‚

I hope you enjoy the ride if you decide to teach it. Be sure to let me know in comments how it went!

Have a wonderful rest of your week, guys,Ā and ride on!


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  1. I didn’t know some of those cover songs were out there thanks for sharing! Looks like a fun class
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Ageless Fitness: Women’s Views on Fitness As They Age-Pt.1My Profile

  2. Oh fun!! Can’t wait to try it. I did a pyramid in my first weeks of teaching last year and it was a disaster (on my part…I tried to cover enough that they didn’t know I was messing up.) I’m ready to try again and this will be the one! Do you have the playlist on Spotify?

  3. I love the profile of this class. My classes have unfortunately been cut to 55 minutes rather than 60, so I’m tweaking the timing on the pyramid segments, reducing them by .15-.30 each. After the top of the pyramid we’ll do a Tabada round, then go back down the pyramid adding segments, finish with seated sprints. We’re under a flash flood watch in here in New Orleans so I’m using mostly songs that talk about rain. Thanks!

    • Michele, I’m so glad you’re using this class profile! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Stay safe and dry out there! šŸ™‚

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