5 Strategies to Promote a New Cycling Class

I was recently asked for advice by one of my Twitter friends – how to get more people to come to their new Indoor Cycling/Spinning® class they just took over.

It got me thinking… What would I do to promote my new class? What HAVE I done to promote my classes?

You guys know that I’ve been a long time sub for Jim’s Monday class over the summer, and I just got my own class that I teach on Sundays at 2:30 PM.

So how did I get people to come to my new classes?

Here are some strategies to consider: things I did/wanted to do and what I think worked for me in promoting my new classes.

promote your new cycling class

{ONE} Word-of-Mouth

When it comes to strategies to promote a new cycling class (or any class really) – this one really is the most effective and important way of getting more people to come to your new class.

Do you take group exercise classes or indoor cycling classes taught by other instructors? You probably do!

TELL people you know in those classes that you have a new class available on a new day of the week/at a new time.

ASK your fellow instructors to make announcements in their classes that a new class is available and that you teach it, and that you’re awesome. 🙂

{TWO} Make Promotional Flyers

That is such an awesome way of presenting a new class.

I’m going to give you an example. We’ve recently had a 28 Day Indoor Cycling Instructor Challenge (more on the results next week), and one of the challenges our instructors had to complete was to create a new student handout.

Natalie created an absolutely wonderful flyer to promote her special Halloween class:

Halloween Ride Flyer

I absolutely LOVE this flyer – whether you hand it out or hang it up around your facility – it sure will attract attention – it is bright and fun.

What would a flyer for your class look like?

What makes your class stand out among other classes offered at your facility?

Is it early time of day that allows your students to get their workout out of the way first thing in the morning?

Is it a late evening “ride in the dark”?

Is it a lunch time express ride as a healthy alternative to an hour at a fast food place? 🙂

Do you play fun music from the 60’s?

What makes you special?

Think about it, then had over to PicMonkey and put it on a flyer. Print them out, hang them up on the wall at your facility, hand them out at your other classes, ask your friends to hand them out, ask your fellow instructors to hand them out, ask your grandma to hand them out. 🙂

{THREE} E-mail is the Next Big Thing…Still.

You want to “hit” those clients who walk right past your flyers while checking their e-mails on their phones on their way to a class.

Think about how much time you spend checking your e-mails every day? Yeah…me too.

So. If you still haven’t started sending out your e-mail newsletter to your clients – start today!

If you need to promote your class today and your e-mail list is non-existent at this point, ask your facility manager if they could send out an e-mail to members promoting your class.

{FOUR} Use Your Social Media

Think about how many of your friends on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram do come or can come to your other classes?

How many of them are already members of the club you’re teaching at?

How many of them could join your club if the new class time happens to work for their schedules more than the other classes you’re teaching?

Don’t underestimate the power of the social media.

People do spend a lot of time on those platforms – make a good description for your class, attach a picture and post it out there!

Does your club have social media accounts? Ask them to share your post on their page or re-post it.

And don’t forget to put that flyer on Instagram!

{FIVE} Are You Still NOT Using the Back of Your Business Card?


That’s a great place for your class schedule!

Order some new business cards today.

If your schedule changes a lot week to week, use the back of your business card to just promote your new class.

Leave a few of those in the cycling room at your facility and at the front desk.

Make it easy for your students to reach you with questions and access your schedule without having to go online.

And that should get you off to a good start promoting your new indoor cycling class 🙂

I hope those strategies help you fill up your classes with awesome people who are fun to ride with!

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Take care and ride on!



  1. Great tips!!! Love that halloween flyer!
    meg @ meg-in-training.com recently posted…Fear Mongering in the Food Industry – The Food BabeMy Profile

  2. Great tips! I wish we had spinning classes on our little island. Maybe we do, and they’re just not promoting them properly! #wowlinkup
    Ree recently posted…how crossfit has helped meMy Profile

  3. Great post! I am a yoga teacher so much of this same information applies–and I find the best way is truly always that “word of mouth!” 🙂
    lora recently posted…3 ways to get groundedMy Profile

  4. Hopefully one day I will have a class I am teaching and these are some excellent tips to get the word out and build up clientele. #wowlinkup
    Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club recently posted…Meal Mondays: Confetti FishMy Profile

  5. Great tips and love the flyer! Will definitely share with my spin instructor housemate 🙂 #wowlinkup
    Amanda H recently posted…October Recap and November GoalsMy Profile

  6. Great tips but I still haven’t gotten a lot of friends to take my classes lately. I think the cost is deterring some people. My classes are $80 for 12 sessions and I think they feel they can’t get a cheaper price going to Planet Fitness. I do a lot of social media promotion and I send out emails to the 400 people on my fitness email list.
    The Frugal Exerciser recently posted…Halloween Candy Be GoneMy Profile

    • They will come. I’m sure you’re doing all the right things. It just takes time.
      And then…oh then you have your own fans, and they follow you from class to class, from program to program, from club to club.
      Keep your nose up 😉

  7. Great ideas Lena! When I started a new noon cycling class I used to get there early and go to the cardio room and invite everyone on the treadmills. Sometimes they just need the invitation. And don’t be afraid of a “no” reply. One man I invited said no way. Then he went home and told his wife that an instructor had asked him to take a spin class. She came to my next class and was a faithful participant all summer long.

    • Thanks, Joyce! I’ve heard multiple instructors say they did the same thing you did and invited people. It works for some, and doesn’t for others – depending on the facility rules and “culture”. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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