30 Minute TRX Circuit Workout

This 30 minute TRX circuit workout is short and sweet – sure to leave you energized and make you work hard! Featuring exercises for upper body, lower body and core it will challenge all the major muscle groups.

30 minute TRX circuit workout

Hey guys! It’s TRX Thursday on Lean Lena! Been a while, huh? 🙂

Without further ado, let’s jump right at it!

Just a Minute: 30 Minute TRX Circuit Workout

So lately I’ve been moving away from the traditional TRX® warmups. Nothing wrong with them – just taking into account the peculiarity of my classes. My class almost immediately follows another one (functional fitness class format) so usually (with few exceptions) my class is well warmed up by the time we start. There is however a 15 minute span between the 2 classes, so it’s more about keeping them warm than warming them up. So, you won’t see the warm up or cool down section in the class plan printable below, but just know that they MUST be included.

The class is 30 minutes long and I’ve allowed 4:30 minutes for each warm up and cool down.

As you might have guessed from the name, each working interval is one minute long, you get 20 seconds between the exercises and 50 seconds of rest between the rounds. Each round has 4 TRX exercises and a cardio set.

If you’re using the Interval Timer app, here’s what your screen should look like:

30 minute TRX circuit workout

Now let’s look at the featured exercise for this one: Swimmer’s Pull. In my class plan you’ll see it combined with the reverse grip biceps curl for the same reason mentioned in the video. Check it out:

So here are some notes before I share the printable class plan with you as some of the exercises are not conventional TRX® textbook exercises.

Long Lunge Pulses: this is a yoga inspired exercise. Just as you would for a Crescent Lunge in yoga, take a long step back with the right foot coming into a long high lunge. Find a stance where you can start with elbows under shoulder, holding on to TRX straps and facing the anchor pont. Slightly lower the knee in the back until the shin of that leg is parallel to the floor, then straighten it back up. The range of motion is pretty small here, hense “pulses”. Repeat on other side.

Wide Legged Squat Holds: start facing the anchor point with legs wide and toes slightly pointed out. Coming into a squat just to the point where you have to engage your leg muscles to hold yourself up (about knee height) bring both handles to your forehead and hold this position for the count of 10. Release and straighten the legs for the count of 3. Repeat.

Plank into Pushup: hold a nice strong plank for the count of 5, lower it down into a push up for the count of 5, press back up for a count of 1. Repeat. Options: lower the knees for the push up part and/or perform the exercise on the floor without the TRX.

Moving Side Plank: start in side plank on right arm with left arm extended. Inhale and on the exhale, lower the left arm bringing it across the body (as if “threading the needle”) and bring the left forearm to the floor while rotating the body to come into a forearm plank on the other side. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch sides for another 30 seconds.

Crow Prep: once again inspired by Yoga, this is a minute of “play” – encourage your class to explore different progressions and variations. Here’s Shauna Harrison telling you exactly how to do it and how to progress:

…and that’s it, you guys! Here’s that printable class plan I promised you: 30 Minute TRX Circuit Workout _Betty_Card. The printable is preformatted for a 4×6″ index card – just switch the paper size before printing and you’ll be all set to go.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay fit!



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