30 Minute TRX Workout Routine: Magda

This 30 minute TRX workout routine incorporates mobility and stretching exercises along with those focusing on core, upper and lower body strength.

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30 Minute TRX Circuit Workout

This 30 minute TRX circuit workout is short and sweet – sure to leave you energized and make you work hard! Featuring exercises for upper body, lower body and core it will challenge all the major muscle groups.

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TRX Giant Sets – 30 Minute TRX Workout

TRX Giant Sets

TRX Giant Sets is a 30 minute long workout designed in sets targeting the same or opposite muscles groups and performed in a rapid succession of one another.Continue Reading

TRX Lower Body Circuit – 30 Minutes

This TRX Lower Body Circuit is 30 minutes long – it will be over before you know it! It is also sure to leave those quads burning (tested on self). Try it today and see for yourself!

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TRX Tabata Body Blast Combo – 30 Minute Class Plan

trx tabata body blast combo

This TRX Tabata Body Blast combo class is a fusion of my two most favorite TRX class formats – Tabata style and Body Blast. Only 30 minutes long it provides enough challenge and progression options for both newbies and experienced TRX students.Continue Reading

TRX Circuit – Mary – 30 Minutes

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Tabata Style TRX Workout – Michelle – 30 Minutes

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TRX 30 Minute Workout – Jessica

This TRX 30 minute workout was part of our “Freedom Friday” class today – no timer, just you counting your own reps.

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TRX Lower Body Workout – Taylor

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Metabolic Blast TRX Workout – Denise – 30 Minutes

Metabolic Blast TRX Workout is what I called this one – simply because it will get your system going – it is that challenging and that fun to work through.

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Station Based TRX Class Format – Jennifer

Sharing a station based TRX class format today where groups of your students move from one station to the other in class. Challenging, fun and offering plenty of opportunity for students to interact with each other, this class format might just become your favorite!

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Total Body TRX Workout – Jenna

Total body TRX workout – just 30 minutes of hard work and you’re done! This workout incorporates different length intervals, quick warm up and longer cool down. Introducing… “Jenna”.

total body trx workout

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Two Round Body Blast TRX Workout – Lucy

two round body blast

Hey-hey guys! It’s been a while since we did a TRX Thursday here. Let’s do it!

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Lower Body TRX Workout – 30 Minutes – Wendy

Even though this class is mostly the lower body TRX workout, it has some challenging core exercises as well. Your students who are new to TRX as well as advanced level students can enjoy the variety of progressions in the lower body TRX workout.

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Upper Body Blast TRX Routine – 30 minutes – Sandie

Work on your upper body strength with this 30 minute upper body blast TRX routine!

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