TRX Giant Sets – 30 Minute TRX Workout

TRX Giant Sets

TRX Giant Sets is a 30 minute long workout designed in sets targeting the same or opposite muscles groups and performed in a rapid succession of one another.

Hey guys! TRX Thursday here!

Today I wanted to share a workout with you that I recently put together and called TRX Giant Sets.

TRX Giant Sets: 30 Minute Workout

The reason I called this workout TRX Giant Sets is because it consists of sets of exercises targeting either the same or opposite muscle groups and being performed in a rapid succession.

Each exercise is 30 seconds long with 20 seconds in between for transitions. There is a 1 minute rest after each round and 3 rounds total.

I have also recently stepped away from the traditional TRX warmups giving my class participants an opportunity to warmup in the way the prefer as they come in. So you won’t see a warm up and a cool down routine in this class plan – but just know they were there 🙂

Featured Movement of the Class – TRX Overhead Back Extension.

Watch Carlos explain how it is done:

Here’s a sample playlist for this one (follow me on Spotify for more ideas):

And here’s your 4×6 inches index card with this class plan: TRX Giant Sets – 30 min.

If you’re using the Interval Timer App, here’s what your screen would look like:

TRX Giant Sets

Don’t forget to train smart with Polar:

And that’s it for today, friends!

Stay fit and healthy.



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