Ladders Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

Hey my dear cyclists (both out- and indoor)! Here’s your weekly playlist (for those who do their own thing outside/inside) and class profile (if you’re an indoor cycling instructor looking for ideas for your next indoor cycling class).

ladders cycling class profile

Here’s what the Playlist for the ride looked like:

I called this ride “Ladders”, guess why? ūüôā

ladders cycling class profile

Ladders Cycling Class Profile

Before you get into my notes for the ride below, check out my Class Builder App Glossary right here – you might need it to decode my notes ūüôā

Class duration: 49 minutes.

1: “Larger Than Life”, Backstreet Boys¬†-Warm up: seated/standing flat. Light to moderate resistance.
2: “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”, Britney Spears¬†– Seated/Standing Climb, gradient hill. Moderate to heavy resistance (moderate in the beginning of the segment). Alternating seated climb (HP2) and standing attacks (HP3).
3: “Papa Don’t Preach”, Madonna¬†– Active Recovery, Speed Drills. Take resistance back to flat road in the beginning of the segment, find¬†the¬†base cadence¬†and accelerate by 5 RPM, and return back to the base cadence every time¬†(not exceeding 110 RPM on accelerations).
4: “Under the Bridge”, Red Hot Chili Peppers¬†– Seated/Standing Climb.¬†Add moderate resistance in the beginning of the segment. Alternate seated climb (HP2), and attacks out of the saddle¬†(HP3) picking up the speed by a couple RPM’s on attacks.
5: “Summer Of ’69”, Bryan Adams¬†– Active Recovery. Dial the resistance down back to flat road in the beginning of the segment. Give your class some time to recover. Do some accelerations by as many RPMs as your participants feel like (not exceeding the safe cadence of 110 RPM), for 15-20 seconds and returning to the base cadence.
6: “Don’t Tell Me”, Madonna¬†– Seated Sprints on a Hill. Alternate standing breaks (HP2) with sprints in the saddle (HP2).
7: “Desert Rose”, Sting¬†– Seated/Standing Climb. Keep the resistance from the previous segment. Alternate seated climb and attacks¬†out of the saddle (HP3).
8: “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, Shania Twain¬†– Active Recovery. Get the resistance back to light (flat road), choose comfortable speed for the amount of resistance. 15-20 second accelerations to the base cadence (not exceeding 110 RPM).
9: “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)”, AC/DC – Seated Climb/Running with Resistance.¬†Add moderate resistance back in the beginning. Alternate seated climb (HP2) and running with resistance (HP2). 15 second seated sprint at 3:11.
10: “Caprise #24”, Viktor Zinchuk – Cadence Consistency Drill. Get back to flat road resistance, encourage your riders to find a pace they can maintain easily throughout this segment. This drill is designed to promote mental concentration and focus on that cadence they choose as well as work on smooth pedal stroke. Encourage your class to maintain the cadence they chose in the beginning throughout the song – regardless of the music tempo changes. Call out cadence checks throughout the segment and cue the correct pedal stroke technique.
11: “Enter Sandman”, Metallica –¬†Standing/Seated Climb. Final effort of the class. Add heavy resistance to simulate a steep hill in the beginning of the song. Alternate seated climb (HP2) with Standing attacks (HP3).
12: “Native New Yorker (Radio Edit)”, Odyssey – Cool Down and Recovery. Stretching off the bike went into my post-class music I have pre-loaded into my Class Builder App as we took a while to cool down.

Here’s the Class Builder App profile for this ride for you guys to print out if you need it: Ride 30.

And that’s that!

Have a great rest of your week, guys, and ride on!

Pick up a few essentials I use for teaching my classes:


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