TRX Class Plan: Miles – 45 Minutes

trx class plan

Hey, guys! It’s TRX Thursday here at Lean Lena and it’s time to share another TRX class plan with you!

TRX workout

How is your week going so far? Mine has been pretty good and busy with some fun at our Functional Fitness Center this past Saturday:

TRX class plan

I was there all by myself, so all the “toys” were mine 🙂

TRX class plan

So anyway! On Thursday before all that happened,  I taught the class I wanted to share with you today. My husband was in it and he said it was better than his favorite Tabata Style TRX Class 🙂 So naturally he got me curious and I wanted to go through this TRX class plan myself to see how good it was.

Usually I have the main part of the workout timed to 45 seconds on/15 seconds off. I noticed some of my students did not have enough time to transition from standing to “toes/heels in TRX” in 15 seconds. I would end up either pausing the Timer App I’m using or they would miss the first few seconds of the working 45.

There is an advantage to that though – my class knows they only have 15 seconds to transition, that makes them hassle. That makes them better and better at transitioning with every time. But hey, 5 extra seconds won’t hurt that.

So for this TRX class plan I decided to change the work/rest intervals from 45/15 to 40/20.

The class is kind of a combination of the circuit and body blast, but I still called it Body Blast. To distinguish from the regular Body Blast this format is called “40/20 Body Blast”.

TRX Class Plan: 45 Minute “40/20” Body Blast – Miles

Warm up: 5 minutes to warm up. Allow for the last 30 seconds of this time to let your class get ready for Round 1.

Main Part: The main part of the class consists of 4 Rounds: Round 1 – Upper Body, Round 2 – Lower Body, Round 3 – Core, Round 4 – Upper Body + Lower Body + Core. Here are some notes on a couple things.

Round 1 – Upper Body

For the series of rows, I instructed my students to select a starting angle for the first set of rows and work with it for 40 seconds. During the 20 second rest, I told them to take 1 step towards the anchor point and work at a more challenging angle for the next 40 seconds performing the same exercise. This series is designed to take your students out of their comfort zone. I notice sometimes that they won’t take that extra step by themselves and need to be encouraged and instructed in order to make progress. Of course they can always take a step back if that step forward takes them too far, but we never know what “too far” is until we try.

Round 2 – Lower Body

This week I included a new (for my classes) exercise into the lower body part of the workout – Sumo Squat. Dan McDonogh here will tell you just how to do them:

Cool Down: 5 minutes of cool down and stretching.

So here’s a pdf. for you guys if you want to print it and take it to class: TRX 40 by 20 Body Blast – 45 min – Miles

If you like the format but feel like switching it up a little, you can find this class format’s template right here.

And that’s it for the TRX Thursday, guys! I hope you enjoy this TRX class plan. Do let me know in comments if you try it!

Please, share:

Happy sweating 🙂


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  1. Love it!! Using this one tonight! Have I told you how awesome you are??!!

  2. Ok, my class did it. It was TOUGH but boy did we get a great workout. Gonna feel that tomorrow! Thank you!!

  3. You awesome..

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