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Hey, my super-heroes! Are you ready for another TRX Thursday?

Today’s TRX workout routine is in Body Blast format and was designed for my 45-minute class I teach every Thursday.

 45-Minute TRX Workout Routine – Jason

It consists of a warm up and a cool down (4:30 each) and 4 TRX exercise rounds targeting upper body and lower body. Each round ends with a core blast!

One of the featured exercises from this class is TRX Abducted Lunge with Medicine Ball (#3 and #4 in Round 1).

Here’s a video to give you some options for this exercise:

This is an advanced exercise that will challenge balance and core strength. Use it occasionally to change things up in your TRX workout routine.

Both upper body rounds in this class are built on combo sets – one set of one exercise, one set of another exercise and next set combining the two exercises.

Another new exercise (for me) that I used in this class is Leg Lowering (Round 3):


It was pretty challenging at that point in class to perform this simple leg exercise!

Also, my new favorite exercise that I featured in this class is Clock Press. Have you guys ever tried this one? It’s tough!

My class loved this routine! They love it when I throw in one or two exercises they haven’t tried before. New challenge is always good – for body and soul!

Here’s this TRX workout routine in .pdf for you to print it and take to class if you’re teaching: TRX Body Blast – 45 min – Jason.

If you like the format but feel like switching it up a little, you can find the template for this class type right here.

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Happy sweating :)


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