Cycling Class Profile and Gift Card Giveaway

Hey-hey, my fitness gang! How is that week going?

Here is the weekly Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist for ya! I hope you’re riding outside today and come back here later to check this post out and let me know what you think.

So I keep experimenting with the format of these posts, and today is going to be another experiment. I am open to feedback and suggestions if you have any – just let me know in comments.

I’m going to post a .pdf cue sheet of the ride from the Class Builder™ App by Cycling Fusion, post the usual iTunes Playlist for the ride so you can quickly click through to buy a song you like from the playlist (or the whole playlist), and add some notes below it all to explain the ride in a little bit more detail.

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Kitchen Remodeling Progress and Tasty Tuesday Linkup Party #37

kitchen remodelling

Good morning, my Tasty Tuesday Partiers! How have you been here without me? It’s finally Tasty Tuesday and I’m back with my new tasty post and a linkup at the bottom of it for you!

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Skechers Motivation to Walk – Who Do You Walk For?


I don’t talk about my personal life on this blog a lot… But this occasion/opportunity really moved me to share a story with you today that’s personal. It’s the most difficult post I’ve ever had to write, too… Meet my grandma. Her name is Valentina and she’s my maternal grandmother’s sister actually. I grew up […]

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Class Profile and Playlist #6 – Enjoy the Silence

class profile

Hey, my fellow Indoor Cycling/Spinning® Instructors, fitness enthusiasts and just my regular readers It’s time for the weekly Indoor Cycling / Spinning® Class Profile and Playlist. As you guys know, since beginning of October I have my own class on the schedule every Sunday, and that feels AWESOME! So, for my first Sunday I thought I’d […]

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A Week in Workouts and Exciting Fitness News


Hey-hey! Happy Hump Day, folks It’s all downhill from here! I’ve had a couple of really busy weeks here…I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to catch up with everything ever since we came back from CA – so much going on! So it’s been a while since I told you about my […]

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Quinoa Stuffed Squash – Tasty Tuesday Recipe Feature and Linkup

stuffed squash

Hey-hey! How was your weekend, guys? We were working on our kitchen this weekend. We have finally painted the walls! Now to put in the ceiling Slow but sure we’re making some progress with our kitchen. Because my kitchen (and pretty much the whole house because of the kitchen project) is a mess, I didn’t […]

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ICI/PRO 28 Day Instructor Challenge Week 1 Recap

indoor cycling instructor challenge

Hey-hey, everyone! Happy Hump Day! Today’s post is about ICI/PRO 28 Day Instructor Challenge Week 1 Recap, since the week 1 ended this past Sunday. If you missed the beginning, read this post to find out what the challenge is all about. You can also listen to a special edition of the ICI/PRO Podcast below […]

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Zucchini Latkes Recipe and Tasty Tuesday Linkup Party

zucchini latkes

Hey guys! How is that Tasty Tuesday going over there? I’m having an extremely busy week again – a lot going on and I still haven’t told you about my trip to San Diego! Shame on me! But in my defense – I put together a super yummy post for you today Every Tuesday I […]

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Cycling Class Profile and Playlist #5 – Ride to the 80’s

cycling class profile

Happy Monday, my friends! This week’s Cycling Class Profile is called “Ride to the 80’s”. Special thanks to Sue over at Mrs. Fatass for song ideas! I taught this class last Saturday and my riders really enjoyed it. I love teaching Saturday classes – they are one hour long vs. my usual 45 minute class […]

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Cycling Class Profile and Playlist #4: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

cycling class profile

Hey-hey, guys! The weekly indoor cycling class profile and playlist post is here for you This time (as I was on vacation for a week), I kind of “slacked” on creating a new cycling class profile and playlist from scratch again. Well, not entirely. I did something fun and meaningful for me as an instructor. What […]

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review – September

popsugar must have box

Hey guys! Just popping in quickly today to tell you about the September POPSUGAR Must Have Box. If you remember, I reviewed this subscription before and I absolutely LOVE it. So here are some of my favorite items from the September box:

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Homemade Fresh Vegetables Salad Recipe and Tasty Tuesday Linkup Party

fresh vegetables salad

Hey-hey, my friends! I’m finally back from the sunny San Diego! I bet you can’t wait for a recap of my trip But I’ll have to save that for a little later in the week. Why? Because today is the Tasty Tuesday, of course! Every Tuesday I post a recipe, a collection of recipes, a […]

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Weekly Indoor Cycling Class Profile #3: Movie Ride

indoor cycling class profile

Hey-hey my wonderful readers! Hi from San Diego, CA It’s that time of week again – for all of you, indoor cycling and Spinning® instructors out there – I’m sharing one of my rides’ profile today as part of my new post series – Weekly Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist. Today we’re riding to […]

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Single Serving Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe and Tasty Tuesday Linkup Party

sweet potato casserole

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! Happy Tasty Tuesday! Did you think there will be no Tasty Tuesday linkup this week because I’m travelling? Did ya? It’s happening! And here’s what it is: Every Tuesday I post a recipe, a collection of recipes, a restaurant review or anything related to food. There is then a linkup at […]

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ICI/PRO Indoor Cycling Instructor Challenge

indoor cycling instructor challenge

Hi guys! Special announcement today! Well, actually I got two announcements – one really special, and one a little less special I’ll start with BIG news. Remember my interview with John for the ICI/PRO Podcast? While we were talking I mentioned how my fitness journey started – with a personal 30 Days Active challenge. After […]

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Weekly Indoor Cycling Playlist and Class Profile #2

indoor cycling playlist and class profile

So it’s going to be a weekly thing now, as you guys probably figured from the post title There won’t be a day of the week assigned for posting my weekly indoor cycling playlist and class profile for now – sometimes it will be part of the Workout Wednesday (like today), other times I might […]

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Whole30 Final Recap – Results and “Now What?”

whole30 final recap

Hey guys! So today is Day 30 of my Whole30! I did it!!! I feel pretty awesome and proud of myself Since today is Tasty Tuesday I decided to summarize my experience with Whole30 as it all does start with food indeed. But first, let me remind you what Tasty Tuesday is Every Tuesday I […]

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New Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist, and Weekly Exercise Recap


So, my boys and girls. The Hump Day has come quickly this week and pretty much unexpectedly But hey, welcome, Hump Day! I’m not complaining at all  As usual, I’m recapping my week’s exercise routine today as part of the Workout Wednesday. I’ll do the highlights this time, and talk more about my latest indoor cycling […]

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Sweet Potato-Squash Soup Recipe

squash soup

Hey my foodies! Happy Tasty Tuesday! Are you ready for some tasty recipes? Me too! Every Tuesday I post a recipe, a collection of recipes, a restaurant review or anything related to food. There is then a linkup at the end of the post where you can add links to your food-related blog posts! The […]

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