6:4 Intervals – Indoor Cycling Class Profile

 Challenging and fun indoor cycling class profile with a playlist that will give your class a great intervals workout and will provide some insight into pedal stroke technique.

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30 Minute TRX Workout Routine: Magda

30 minute TRX workout

This 30 minute TRX workout routine incorporates mobility and stretching exercises along with those focusing on core, upper and lower body strength.

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Teach Cycling: Class Profile/Playlist – Roller Coaster

teach cycling

Need a profile and playlist to teach cycling class? Search no more! This class profile and playlist will have your riders coming back for more.

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ClickGo Systems – to Help Your Phone Hold On

clickgo review

The most frequently asked question by my Mentorship Program participants is what do I use in my Indoor Cycling classes to have my playlist/notes in front of me? Because the bikes at the locations I teach at don’t have a really good place to keep my phone/notes I had to “re-invent the wheel” so ClickGo came along!

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Hands-On Assists Made Easy

As a yogi who frequently takes classes from various studios and teachers, hands-on assists are often a sensitive subject for me. As a yoga teacher I find it just as challenging to offer hands-on assists to my students. Could this be made easier for both parties? Yes! Find out how.

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30 Minute TRX Circuit Workout

30 minute TRX circuit workout

This 30 minute TRX circuit workout is short and sweet – sure to leave you energized and make you work hard! Featuring exercises for upper body, lower body and core it will challenge all the major muscle groups.

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Indoor Cycling Playlist and Class Profile – “1:20”

indoor cycling playlist and class profile

This indoor cycling playlist and class profile is an interval ride consisting of 6 working intervals followed by active recovery. Each drill in the interval is 1 minute and 20 seconds long.

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Playlist & Class Profile for Indoor Cycling: Doubles

This indoor cycling class profile and playlist sure is a double trouble! All the challenging parts of the class come in sets of 2!

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Climb Your Three Mountains: Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

class profile

Challenging class profile for your next Indoor Cycling or Spinning® class that will have your students climb three mountains, pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones and practicing self-discipline.

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MP45 Program Review: Training and Nutrition Plan

MP45 Program review: 45 day workout program and nutrition guide. This post has been sponsored by MP45 Program.

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Indoor Cycling Class Profile: Movie Ride

indoor cycling class profile

Hey-hey my wonderful readers! It’s that time of week again – for all of you, indoor cycling and Spinning® instructors out there – I’m sharing one of my rides’ profile today as part of my blog post series – Weekly Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist. Today we’re riding to the movies! I taught this […]

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TRX Giant Sets – 30 Minute TRX Workout

TRX Giant Sets

TRX Giant Sets is a 30 minute long workout designed in sets targeting the same or opposite muscles groups and performed in a rapid succession of one another.

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Pyramid Class Profile for Indoor Cycling – RE: Covers

My toughest riders called this pyramid class profile hard! It is a solid hour of hard work – both on flats and up in the hills with just a few breaks for water and breath catching.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Ride

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Lean Lena Lately: Personal Post


So… hello, friends 🙂 It’s been a while… I needed to take some time off this blog (well, “some time” being the entire month of January, to be precise) to get my life stuff all sorted out and to re-focus. It’s been quite a long time since I posted anything personal on this blog as […]

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