Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist: Ladders

This “Ladder” has 4 steps – each one steeper than the others. Ready to climb?

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Recipes with Blueberries Roundup


It’s blueberry season! And while those blueberries are fun to go picking with the family, there comes the time to figure out what to make with them! I have selected 5 recipes with blueberries for you to choose from.

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Pyramid Cycling Class Profile: 2+1=8

pyramid cycling class profile

This is a fast paced pyramid cycling class profile that will require a lot of concentration both from your riders and you as an instructor. There is a lot of cueing and a lot to take in. It’s the Race Day!

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Two Round Body Blast TRX Workout – Lucy

two round body blast

Hey-hey guys! It’s been a while since we did a TRX Thursday here. Let’s do it! Today I wanted to introduce you to a new TRX class format I came up with – Two Round Body Blast.

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Three Races: Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist

three races

With so many indoor cycling class formats these days being far-far away from riding a bicycle in real world on a real road, this class will bring you and your students back in check with the road. Nothing fancy, just three races to ride.

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Grilled Pork Avocado Salad Recipe

grilled pork avocado salad

Salad for dinner? Yes! Especially if it is a Grilled Pork Avocado Salad! Read on to get this easy, delicious and filling salad recipe.

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Playlist and Cycling Class Profile: Now and Then

cycling class profile and playlist #15

This cycling class profile has a playlist featuring good old tunes right alongside the latest hits topping the charts. With a challenging routine this is a perfect class for any audience.

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FitBloggin’ 2015: Tastes and Sights of Denver, CO

fitbloggin' 2015

Have you ever been to Denver, CO? I’ve recently attended FitBloggin’ 2015 there and I’m absolutely in love with the city and all the great food I had a chance to try there. Check it out!

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Indoor Cycling Class Profile #3: Movie Ride

indoor cycling class profile

Hey-hey my wonderful readers! It’s that time of week again – for all of you, indoor cycling and Spinning® instructors out there – I’m sharing one of my rides’ profile today as part of my blog post series – Weekly Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist. Today we’re riding to the movies! I taught this […]

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Spinning Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills

spinning class

Hey guys! It’s time to share a Spinning class /Indoor Cycling class profile with you again. Spinning Class / Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills Class Duration: 50 minutes

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Pyramid Class Profile for Indoor Cycling – RE: Covers


My toughest riders called this pyramid class profile hard! It is a solid hour of hard work – both on flats and up in the hills with just a few breaks for water and breath catching.

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