Five On Friday: Kitties, Skiing, Bread Making and More

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

Today’s post is a list of 5 totally random Things I Like/Things That Happened.

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Larabar Giveaway and Tasty Tuesday Linkup #55

larabar giveaway

Hey-hey, guys! It’s Tuesday! Tasty Tuesday no less! I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, which I’m sure you have noticed by the fact that this blog has only been updated once a week lately. Such is life that you never know when it’s going to get in the way next time and prevent you […]

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5 Things to Meal Prep for Perfect Salads and Tasty Tuesday #54

meal prep

Are you trying to get more veggies into your diet on a daily basis? Follow these easy steps to meal prep for perfect salads! Get it done on the weekend and enjoy nutritious salads for lunch during the week.

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Yoplait Whips! – Whipping Up Healthy Meals

yoplait whips

Whipped Greek yogurt? 100 calories? Yes, please!  I’ll take these Yoplait Whips! as a healthy breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner

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Making Bread and Tasty Tuesday Linkup #53

making bread

I’ll bet you after reading this post you will want to switch to making bread at home from scratch – it is SO much easier than you think!

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Meal Ideas for 7 Days and Tasty Tuesday Linkup #52

meal ideas

Are you looking for new meal ideas? Are you torturing your family with the question “What would you like to eat?” every night? Look no further. These 7 meal ideas will give you a solid healthy plan for dinners for the whole week!

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Playlist and Cycling Class Profile #15: Now and Then

cycling class profile and playlist #15

This cycling class profile has a playlist featuring good old tunes right alongside the latest hits topping the charts. With a challenging routine this is a perfect class for any audience.

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Yoga: Chasing Another Dream.


I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and in several countries. I’ve been encouraged and inspired by so many yogis and great teachers. Is it time to give back?

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Delicious Eats Lately and Tasty Tuesday Linkup Party #51

banana bread

Another round of the Tasty Tuesday Linkup Party is here! This time I’m sharing some delicious eats I’ve had lately as well as some exciting news for my linkup party attendees!

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Class Profile with Playlist #14: Loops in the Hills

profile and playlist

{NEW} Cycling Class Profile with Playlist – Loops in the Hills will challenge your students and help develop strength and endurance. This playlist will sure keep it fun for them, too!

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Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe and Tasty Tuesday Linkup #50

breakfast quesadillas

Good morning, good morning! Have you had breakfast yet? No? I got a quick and easy to make breakfast recipe for you today – Breakfast Quesadillas! As always, this recipe is very flexible – feel free to switch up the ingredients based on your preferences and availability These breakfast quesadillas have been my “go to” breakfast […]

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Cycling Class Profile and Playlist: Two Mountains

cycling class

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! Last week in my Saturday class we climbed two mountains. Usually I allow for more recovery in my class profiles, but this time I wanted to make it more challenging and work on muscle strength and endurance with my riders. So I came up with this cycling class profile. I got […]

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5 Mistakes New Indoor Cycling Instructors Can Avoid

indoor cycling instructor mistakes

Are you a new indoor cycling instructor? If you’re still getting nervousness butterflies in your stomach every time you have to teach a class, this post is for you. We were all newbies once (and some of us still are). There we were out of our instructor orientation/training thinking we were ready to go out […]

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