Class Profile with Playlist #14: Loops in the Hills

{NEW} Cycling Class Profile with Playlist – Loops in the Hills will challenge your students and help develop strength and endurance. This playlist will sure keep it fun for them, too!

class profile with playlist

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Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe and Tasty Tuesday Linkup #50

breakfast quesadillas

Good morning, good morning! Have you had breakfast yet? No? I got a quick and easy to make breakfast recipe for you today – Breakfast Quesadillas! As always, this recipe is very flexible – feel free to switch up the ingredients based on your preferences and availability These breakfast quesadillas have been my “go to” breakfast […]

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Cycling Class Profile and Playlist: Two Mountains

cycling class

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! Last week in my Saturday class we climbed two mountains. Usually I allow for more recovery in my class profiles, but this time I wanted to make it more challenging and work on muscle strength and endurance with my riders. So I came up with this cycling class profile. I got […]

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5 Mistakes New Indoor Cycling Instructors Can Avoid

indoor cycling instructor mistakes

Are you a new indoor cycling instructor? If you’re still getting nervousness butterflies in your stomach every time you have to teach a class, this post is for you. We were all newbies once (and some of us still are). There we were out of our instructor orientation/training thinking we were ready to go out […]

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Tasty Tuesday Linkup #49 and Exciting Tasty News

tasty tuesday linkup

Hey guys! Happy Tasty Tuesday Linkup day to you! How was your weekend? Mine just flew by. Seriously, before I knew it – it was Sunday night This Saturday we (just out of the blue) decided it was Christmas – Take #2 at our house, at least food wise. Hubby made an incredibly delicious leg […]

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Teach Cycling: Class Profile and Playlist – Roller Coaster

teach cycling

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! How was your week? Mine was a little hectic – in and out of all sorts of shoes all the time But hey – I love it that way. Movement is life It is time for me to share another Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist to give you some fresh […]

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Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet

sweet potato breakfast skillet

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine was great Hubby and I tried a new workout this Saturday – Les Mills Bodypump™. Our Y just introduced those to the schedule and I was very curious to try it as I’d heard a lot of raving about it from my friends all over the place. It […]

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One Pot Pasta with Shrimp Recipe

one pot pasta

Hey guys! It’s party time here at Lean Lena’s! So after all that holiday cooking and over-the-stove-slaving I didn’t feel like cooking at all last night. We still had leftover salmon and mashed potatoes and we almost settled for that as our dinner. And then my consciousness spoke to me, I lifted my butt off […]

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2014 Review: What Happened and What Didn’t

2014 in review

With 2015 approaching, I couldn’t help but think about what 2014 has brought, what I have accomplished and where I’ve failed. It is that time when we all reflect, analyze, think, and hope. So I decided to do a 2014 review: go back to my 2014 Resolutions and see what happened in 2014 and what […]

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Spinning Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills

spinning class

Hey guys! Merry Christmas!!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones and enjoyed it. It’s been a while since I shared a Spinning class /Indoor Cycling class profile with you, so here it is. After all that candy, cookies and other yumminess that is part of the holiday diet, this class […]

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Tasty Tuesday Linkup Year End Round Up: Year of Yumminess!

tasty tuesday linkup

Hey guys! Happy Tasty Tuesday to you Once again – we’re all here today to share our tasty creations from our kitchen or experiences from somebody else’s. Today I wanted to make it all about YOU! We’re all a little maxed out on holiday recipe ideas, Christmas cookie recipe selections and other highly pinable content, aren’t […]

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Random Friday Thoughts and Likes

polymer clay jewelry

Hey guys! Happy Friday It’s been a while since I just posted about 5 random Friday thoughts and things so that’s what I’m doing today – totally random post with totally random things that I like, dislike, hate, love, etc..

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Baked Apple Oatmeal Protein Bombs and GNC PUREDGE Giveaway

baked apple oatmeal

Hey guys! It’s Tuesday again! Which means we’re talking tasty stuff here on this blog. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been indulging in delicious cookies (both at work and at home) lately. With me teaching 2-3 cycling classes a week those are not hard to burn off, but what the what, right? So. […]

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