FitBloggin’ 2015: Tastes and Sights of Denver, CO

Have you ever been to Denver, CO? I’ve recently attended FitBloggin’ 2015 there and I’m absolutely in love with the city and all the great food I had a chance to try there. Check it out!

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Indoor Cycling Class Profile #3: Movie Ride

indoor cycling class profile

Hey-hey my wonderful readers! It’s that time of week again – for all of you, indoor cycling and Spinning® instructors out there – I’m sharing one of my rides’ profile today as part of my blog post series – Weekly Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist. Today we’re riding to the movies! I taught this […]

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Spinning Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills

spinning class

Hey guys! It’s time to share a Spinning class /Indoor Cycling class profile with you again. Spinning Class / Indoor Cycling Class Profile and Playlist #11: Double Trouble Hills Class Duration: 50 minutes

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Pyramid Class Profile for Indoor Cycling – RE: Covers


My toughest riders called this pyramid class profile hard! It is a solid hour of hard work – both on flats and up in the hills with just a few breaks for water and breath catching.

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Five Whole30 Compliant Dinners as seen on Pinterest

whole30 compliant

Even if you don’t care about making your meals Whole30 compliant these dinner ideas will make you hungry! Besides, every recipe has a non-whole30 ingredient options included.

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Loops and Ladders: Indoor Cycling Class Profile

loops and ladders

Happy cycling Wednesday, guys! I got Loops and Ladders for you today. I love both loops and ladders in my classes as two separate elements, but this time I combined the two – 3 Loops of Ladders is what this ride really is.

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Lower Body TRX Workout – 30 Minutes – Wendy

TRX lower body workout

Even though this class is mostly the lower body TRX workout, it has some challenging core exercises as well. Your students who are new to TRX as well as advanced level students can enjoy the variety of progressions in the lower body TRX workout.

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Creating Indoor Cycling Class Profile in 5 Steps

creating indoor cycling class profile

So it’s that time again. You’re a new (or not so new) indoor cycling or Spinning® instructor, your next class is coming up and you need to put together a profile for it. Use these 5 steps to guide you through creating Indoor Cycling Class Profile of any format you can possibly need.

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Week in Food Awards Ceremony – Vol. 2

food awards

See what’s been voted best in Food Awards Ceremony last week in my house.

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Upper Body Blast TRX Routine – 30 minutes – Sandie

upper body blast TRX routine

Work on your upper body strength with this 30 minute upper body blast TRX routine!

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Random Tasty Tuesday Things

tasty tuesday linkup

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend. So I decided to make this Tasty Tuesday post about totally random Tasty Tuesday things. I’ll try and keep it food-related with one or two exceptions Here we go!

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