C25K and Week 3 of 30 Days Active Challenge

Hey-hey my fitness gang! How is that hump day going over there?

I’m feeling pretty happy here :) Oh! That’s right! Happy Birthday to me :)

Yep, I get to eat at least one of those today :) Image Source

Yep, I get to eat at least one of those today :) Image Source

So I’m done with the 3rd week of my 30 Days Active Challenge and I have to say – it has been the toughest yet. Not only because I felt unmotivated for most of it, but also due to the family/life circumstances playing against me.

So here’s the Week 3 recap of the 30 days active challenge I brought onto myself.

{WEDNESDAY}  was a C25K run day.


Hubby and I went on another adventure with C25K – Day 2 of Week 2 is where we’re at. We ran/walked for 2.3 miles at about 13 min. average pace.

The stars were stacked against us that night – my Mr. H. pulled something around his knee and is out of running for now :(

{THURSDAY}  His knee didn’t start hearting until Thursday night after we got home from work.

I ended up staying at home and taking care of him/dinner/house stuff. I tried to make up for no official workout on Thursday by eating well and at least walking more.

dinner salad

{FRIDAY} was a nightmare

Family issue came up big time, which pretty much screwed up my entire weekend until late Sunday evening.

No official workout on Friday, but I did try to stay active and take more steps (I think I pretty much went up and down the stairs at work like every 30 minutes).


I was so tired after Friday events that I was only capable of yoga – or so I thought in the morning anyway.

So I did yoga with Fiona.

I haven’t been to her class in a while and was so happy to get a chance to go – it was wonderful to see how her teaching style has evolved to showcase the strength that I always knew she had. It was a great class and really helped me relax after the stress of my Friday and tune out of everything but what my body was doing in that hour.

Thank you, Fiona. I’m really grateful for that class.

{SUNDAY} Active Day

The family train got back on it’s tracks – everybody was relieved and happy again.

I took a quick bike ride to the swim club choosing to move my legs rather than take a car ride with my folks:

bike ride

Got a quick refreshment in the pool, got back home and went for a run with C25K!


Lessons learnt: more that 2 days’ gap between runs does not feel good; it’s not the heat it’s the humidity that’s the “run killer”. Temperature was nice and pleasant, but it was still very humid. Besides, I chose a route that had me going uphill most of the time (silly). Oh well. That was done and felt good afterwards.

All my efforts on Sunday were rewarded by the FitBit stats in the evening:


{MONDAY} is my new favorite day of the week.

Why? Because that’s when I teach at the YMCA at 5:30 PM and get to see my cycling gang, ride with them and share this incredible energy they create.

I had 7 people in my class this Monday, no newbies, all my regulars and familiar faces. We had a blast!


If you’re a cycling/Spinning® instructor looking for new ideas for your playlists, check out this page here to see the playlists I use for my rides.

{TUESDAY} Swimming

It was hot yesterday! Really-really hot. So we grilled some chicken thighs, packed some watermelon and went over to the swim club, where I did some laps and then we had dinner there.


And then I got home and picked all this goodness in my garden to fuel my challenged body :) :) :)


So, what did I learn from this week of the Challenge?

First of all – I learned not to turn one slip up into a slip up week. Life got in the way of my workouts on Thursday and Friday, but I didn’t quit or stop the 30 Days Active Challenge. I kept going. Because it is not a failure. It’s a slip up. You get up and keep going.

Because I pretty much missed two days, I am going to extend my challenge until August 2 instead of finishing on July 31.

And that’s how it’s going to be. Bring on the final week of the 30 Days Active Challenge!

Tell me, guys: what was the best work out you had this/last week?

Stay fit, and keep going!

Lean Lena

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